Monday, 20 January 2020

NBA Prayers for 26th January 2020

Give thanks for:

  • the close fellowship we enjoy in the Lord as meet each week.
  • the Christmas Churches together Christingle service which was attended by over 300 people.

Please pray:

  • for the planned Sunday summer cream tea outreach in June, July, Aug 2020.    
  • that the people of Wolsingham and Wear Dale would come to know Jesus at there personal saviour.

Prayers supplied by

. Paul Harris.

Joint Pastor for Wolsingham and Rowley Baptist church.    

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

NBA Prayers 19th January 2020

We give thanks for people getting baptised and becoming members of Stocksfield Baptist church.

We ask for prayer that we would become more confident in mission, especially evangelism.
We are so thankful for good relationships between the local churches in the Tyne valley.

We pray that these good relationships will lead to us becoming more effective missionally.

Prayers supplied by
Rosie Gilbert  

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

NBA Prayers for 12th January 2020

Give thanks
  • for the faithful ministry of Heaton Baptist Church
  • for our outreach to those on the outer fringes of society
  • for those who have recommitted themselves to journey with Christ through the year ahead

Please pray
  • that we remain open to the guidance of God's Holy Spirit
  • that God will equip, strengthen and protect those in church leadership
  • for peace in the Middle East and that the military situation will be diffused 

Prayers supplied by:
Roger M Daniel
NBA Prayer Coordinator

Friday, 3 January 2020

NBA Prayers 5th January 2020

Give thanks;

  • that 2019, which has been a difficult year for many is now behind us and we can look forward to the challenges and opportunities of the new year.
  • for our church leaders who have supported, taught and encouraged us in our faith through the past year.
Please pray;
  • for an end to the devastation caused by wildfires sweeping Australia and that the country will experience much needed rainfall.
  • that the all consuming love of God will reignite the fire of His Holy Spirit, purify our lives and set us ablaze to carry the gospel into our communities during the coming year.
  • for an end to the political, economic and racial divides in our society.
 Roger M Daniel
NBA Prayer Coordinator  

Monday, 16 December 2019

NBA Christmas Prayers 22nd December 2019

 Give thanks:
  • for the love of Christ which surmounts all political and racial divides.
  • for the message of hope and reconciliation we are commissioned to bring this Christmas.
  • for our church family which encourages and  supports us as we carry the Christmas message to our community.

Please pray that:

  • as one innkeeper provided shelter for Mary and Joseph, we may open our hearts and homes to the homeless this Christmas.
  • as the heavenly host brought the joyful message of salvation to lowly shepherds, we may carry the gospel to the poor and despised in our community.  
  • as the Holy family sought refuge in Egypt,we may seek to bring comfort to those who seek refuge from religious and political persecution in our country.
Roger M Daniel
NBA Prayer Coordinator

Wednesday, 11 December 2019

NBA Prayers 15th December 2019

  •  we give thanks to God for the following things....

  • the sale of our old Manse
  • the gentle growth we are seeing within the fellowship of new people attending,  and people becoming Christians and baptisms
  • we also give thanks to God for the growing unity within Churches Together, and the joint mission 2020 that Churches Together are planning for next year

Please join us in prayer for the following...

  • that the Lord will continue to guide us and give us wisdom for the future.
  • that we would continue to see people coming to know the Lord and make disciples
  • that the Lord will heal and strengthen those who are physically not well
  • for the speedy purchase of our new manse, as our pastor is in limbo
Minister: Rev. John Hodgkins

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

NBA Prayers for Northumbria Community 8th December 2019


  • that from small 'seedlings' 30 years ago the community has grown to a monastic worldwide movement.
  • for the really good transition of leadership to three younger, 'next generation' leaders.
  • for 'The School for Monastic Living' that is;
    • helping to form and encourage people in their love of God
    • reaching many who are seeking God outside of the Community.


  • for God's blessing on the leaders as they enable the growing Community face the challenges and opportunities in this new season.
  • for the many teams who work at the Community's mother house  in Northumberland.
  • that local accommodation may be found for the growing numbers on the house team.  
  • that the growing numbers of international young people who are connecting with us, may be blessed as they seek God and look for an authentic faith.  
Provided by Roy Searle
Website: (and on Facebook)