Wednesday, 20 March 2019

NBA Prayers for 24th March - Westoe Road BC (South Shields)

As we come to the close of our Year of Celebrations for our 200th Anniversary, we give thanks for the last 200 years of being a witness for God here in South Shields. Our final celebration is this Sunday, March 24, when we will look back over the last year, thanking God for the success of each of  our monthly events and those who took part.


We ask for God's Blessing as we move into our 201st year and we 'Share the love of Jesus to our Church Family, our Community and the Wider World' - Matthew 18:20 and Acts 2:42-47


We give thanks for our community, and the privilege of being able to work with local families, through Whizz Kids, Brownies, Anchor Boys and Boys Brigade, and with older people in our community as we lead monthly Praise Services in  local care homes.


We pray for the leaders of these activities, that God will enable them to recognise and respond to opportunities to share the love of God. May God richly bless them in this work and bless all those they come into contact with.

Pastor: Julie Price (and FB)

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

NBA Prayers for 17th March - Easington Lane IMC


We praise and thank God for His faithfulness, although most of our congregation belong to the older generation, we still enjoy times of blessing at our Sunday and mid-week meetings, we also share a good relationship with  local churches through 'Hetton Fellowship of Churches'.

We pray that God will call and equip younger people to take on the responsibility of leadership roles, and that the relationship we share with the other churches will continue to grow every stronger as we work together of the extension of God's Kingdom.



As a church we have a good relationship with 'ELCAP',[our local community centre, whose premises are next door to our church building]. Many of our congregation, including ministers and leaders are involved with groups that use their premises. We are grateful for the close link which we have with the local school, where we have the privilege of taking morning assembly on a fortnightly basis, children from the school also attend our church for our Annual production of 'The Bible Comes Alive'. 

We pray that the links mentioned above will remain open, and that through various  Outreach events we have planned for the coming year (for example, a concert by the children from our JAM Club, followed by a pie and pea supper) we will be able to build a relationship with more men, women and children from our community, and that God will open the way for us to share with them the Gospel Message.

Ministers: Jean Merton, Mary Grey, Kay White

Wednesday, 6 March 2019

NBA Prayers for 10th March - Great Asby BC (Eden Valley, Cumbria)

In our small village setting, give thanks that we have a few more people attending worship.

Give thanks also for the fellowship of the other denominations (Anglican and Methodist) in the village and pray for them as they minister with us in Great Asby.

Pray for Christ-like hearts and for wisdom as we look to find the way ahead.

Minister: Mr Donald Marston
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Wednesday, 27 February 2019

NBA Prayers for 3rd March, the Sunday before Lent

For thanks, praise and prayer:

·       Pray for our nation and political leaders, particularly in the processes regarding Brexit.

·       Pray for our Association and all our churches as we look to engage in Northern Light in September – a time of focussed evangelistic mission.

·       Give thanks for the very positive call given to Chris and Caroline Friend to be the new ministers at Alnwick and pray for David and Moira Archer as they prepare for David's retirement from Alnwick.

·       Pray for Paul Harris who was recently (2nd March) inducted to the ministry at Rowley.

·       Pray for Simon Burin and the church at Enon, as Simon prepares to leave to minister at Bethany City Church in Sunderland.

·       Pray for those ministers and churches seeking God for their future ministry and mission.

·       Pray the Association Council as it meets on 4th March and the preparations for our Assembly with Kang-San Tan, General Director of BMS World Mission, at Bethany City Church in Sunderland on 27th April.

·       Pray for our ecumenical partners: the CoE Diocese of Durham, as they welcome Sarah Clark as the new Bishop of Jarrow, and the RC Diocese of Newcastle and Hexham, as they welcome Robert Byrne as their new Bishop.

Prayers provided by Rev Dr John Claydon (Regional Minister, Team Leader) (and FB & Twitter)

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

NBA Prayers for 24th February - Headland BC (Hartlepool)

Our Church

·         In taking the first steps in developing closer links with our closest Baptist neighbours, West View Baptist Church, we praise God that the first joint service was a real encouragement to everyone who attended.

·         We pray for God's guidance and wisdom as we continue the journey together.

Our Local Community

·         We praise God for the continuing developing relationships we have with children, teenagers and older people through our Friday Teatime Club, Fusion group and monthly Luncheon Club.

·         We pray that through these friendships and sharing the gospel appropriately, people of all ages in our community will come to faith and become followers of Jesus with us. (and FB)

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

NBA Prayers for 17th February - Durham Road BC (Gateshead)

We give thanks that we have been able to appoint Abby Bick as Associate Team Leader and pray for her as she takes up this new role in March.


We give thanks that the planned redevelopment of our building has finally been approved and work should begin shortly.  This will see the old sanctuary turned into apartments and the current halls upgraded into a new sanctuary area and multi-use space, allowing us to develop fresh connections with the local community.


As we move out of the building and meet in the Leisure Centre, whilst the redevelopment takes place, please pray that this may be a time when we can connect well with the local community, many of whom would never consider coming into the church building.  May we be a good witness.


Give thanks for the opportunities our "Big Church Nights In" have given us to connect with friends and family members who are not yet part of the church.

Team Leader: Duncan Moore (and FB)

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

NBA Prayers for 10th February - Blackhill BC (near Consett)

1a Praise God for the opportunity to share the Christmas story with many folks from the community who came to our Christmas Carol Service. 

 b Thank God for the time of blessings we have had during our special prayer times during January.


2. Pray for guidance and direction during this time when we are without a minister, that we will know God's will as to the future direction of the ministry at Blackhill.


3. Give thanks for the opportunity to help our small community of refugees who have been housed in Blackhill, by opening our premises to them one morning a week to meet together with those from local churches who have been able to offer help with language skills, friendship and in other practical ways to enable them settle into living in a foreign culture.


4. Pray for the community groups who meet in our premises on a regular basis, that we may be able to reach out to them with the message of the Gospel. (and FB)