Tuesday, 22 October 2019

NBA Prayer Requests 27th October 2019

Give thanks for
  • the Walk Through the Bible initiative currently in 20 local schools
A great way of engaging children with the story of the Bible and schools are loving it – praise God

  •  the unity of the five churches in the town as we work together under the banner of onenorthallerton to reach out;
    •  to people in new housing,
    • to Syrian refugees
    • through the Living Rooms
(a safe place for people to be able to go for a cup of coffee and a chat, and prayer if they want it).

Please pray for our 
  • secondary school, Northallerton School and Sixth Form as it goes through a number of changes including a major refurbishment;
    • that God will bless the teachers and the pupils; and that the school will flourish.

  • Sunday worship service.
    • Please pray the Holy Spirit will use our welcome, our witness, our worship and the Word to bring people into the Kingdom of God.
 We'd love to see more people coming to faith

Susanna Hinton
email: info@nlbc.org.uk
website: www.nlbc.org.uk

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

NBA Prayers 20th October 2019


 for the number of new people attending and involving themselves in church life
 for the growth of the children's ministry.
 for the number of regular opportunities to meet with those who are not yet Christians from the local community.

 Prayer requests;

 Please pray for us as we seek God for the future vision, direction and mission of Darlington Baptist Church
 Please pray that members of the local community would know Jesus 

Thursday, 10 October 2019

NBA Prayer Requests 13th October 2019

We give thanks for;

the 12 years of ministry of Richard Hetherington that came to an end during September
families from the community who come to play and learn at the regular Messy Church meeting.

 We pray for;

God's guidance as we seek his future will for the pastorate.  
the local people who use our ORB Centre and trust that they would continue to find it a welcoming place with helpful resources.

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

NBA Prayers 6th October 2019

  1. We thank God for the benefit reaped by the presence of Iranian Christians in our congregation.
  2.  We thank God for the recent celebration when 5 of their number were baptised.
  3.   We thank God for the continuing re-generation of North Shields, as unused brown field sites are developed for housing and leisure activities. 
Prayer Needs 
  1. We seek prayer for the continued growth in spiritual depth of the church members, as we discover the wonderful gifts that God has given to us and put them into practice more.
  2.    We seek prayer for an even greater spiritual regeneration, sparked by a greater willingness for the churches to work together for the good of the kingdom.
North Shields Baptist Church:  

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

NBA Prayers 29th September 2019


Recent new attenders
A recent conversion leading to a baptism enquiry
New members.
That the door is open in all the local schools for the churches to take assemblies, lessons and lunch-time clubs.

Prayer Items;

For our Young People to respond positively to the Gospel
The impact that the above could have on their families and our community.
Those who are struggling for whatever reason.

Shaun Newton & Gill Tweddle  

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

NBA Prayers 22nd September 2019

Faithful Ministry from visiting Preachers each Sunday, as we seek to hold fast to Gods inspired word.
For Good Health in our Office holders as they Faithfully and Diligently carry out the Lords work at Esh Winning.
For our Ladies Fellowship and the good number who attend each fortnight, and that they will continue
to Grow in Our Lord both numerically and Spiritually.

For Prayer:
Community – continued distribution of Good News around the village each month, and the
opportunities this brings to speak for our Lord on the doorstep and that this will bring growth and
Revival for Our Lord God in the village and His Church.
Gods work among our Friday Trailblazers group for 5-11 yr olds and for our Faithful Leaders and
Helpers each week.
Our outreach for God at all gatherings both in church and away from the church premises this
Harvest time, that our endeavours will bear much fruit for Him.

Joe Wilkinson on behalf of Deacons

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

NBA Prayers 15th September 2019

Give thanks 
  • for 8 years of ministry of Alistair Jones and the expression of love that was shown by the whole church community on Ali & Gillian's last Sunday 
  • that our Chatty Cafe group, Line Dancing group, Craft group and Toddler groups are all well attended and we are making good friendships in the community   
Please pray
  • that God will guide us as we search for his next shepherd for the flock at Billingham. 
  •    that more members of the local community will feel welcome to join in our Chatty Cafe group, Line Dancing group, Craft group and Toddler groups and know that as a church family we are there for them
Julia Monument