Wednesday, 30 July 2014

NBA Prayers for 3rd August - Berwick Hills BC (Middlesbrough)



1  For spiritual and physical refreshment during the summer break in readiness to continue the autumn programme of events and activities. Pray for the visitors who will lead worship and preach during the Pastor's holiday in August.  


2  For guidance, discernment and compassion in dealing with challenging situations that continue to have an impact on many members of the church fellowship and may effect relationships and witness.


3  As with so many others, we can identify areas for ministry and we can see opportunities but need wisdom in order to undertake those things in accordance with the resources we have available. Please pray for leadership and willing workers with a desire for Mission. 




1  For the Food Bank collection point that is now established at the church building and serves the local area on Thursday afternoons. 


2  For the faithful members of the church fellowship who are willing servants and demonstrate such great commitment to the Lord and His church.


3  For the Parent and Toddler group that draws many from the local area with most having no other church connection.


4  For the long standing relationships with local schools that have been established over many years.

Pastor: Rev Alan Reed

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

NBA Prayers for 27th July - Owton Manor BC + Ronnie Wynd

Although we are not a large church and predominantly of retirement age, we can thank the Lord for seeing us through financially over the last few years and with some baptisms each year, and a recent successful Gift Day 


As Pastor, having reached 65, I have continued ministry on a part time basis, alongside a very supportive and active Leadership Team and members - but now, in new circumstances, we need prayer for ongoing good decisions and responses.


We are planning to have another YFC American Gap Year Student next year whom we hope will have some positive input into ministry for children and youth on alternate Sunday mornings and midweek meetings for different age groups - new meeting strategies for both Sundays and midweek. Thanks that they are coming and prayer that they will make a difference!


We will greatly value your prayer support in all these matters.

Minister: Rev Maurice Mathison



* * *


Ronnie Wynd, the minister of Durham City Baptist Church, had heart surgery last week. He will be on sick leave until October. Please pray for a full and speedy recovery.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

NBA Prayers for 20th July - North Shields BC

At North Shields Baptist Church, we would like to thank God for:

  • A number of new people who have come to join us over the last few week
  • Continued financial stability
  • New possibilities for mission to displaced persons seeking refuge in this country


We would ask you to pray with us for:

  • More support for the children's work
  • Continued guidance as regards the future of our 'New to the UK' Drop-in
  • Greater recognition of mission opportunities

Minister: Rev Liz Edwards


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

NBA Prayers for 13th July - Ushaw Moor BC (near Durham)

Thank God for the support we have received from Emmanuel Church Durham, who are taking a monthly service for us.

Praise God for Christians working together in Ushaw Moor and showing God's love through simple acts of kindness.

Praise God for the 'army' of lay preachers who bless us with their presence and bring the freshness of God's word on a regular basis.

Pray that God will use the bridge building activities to bring real faith to people in the village.

Pray for DH7 Churches Together, working to make Jesus known in our area.

Pray for vision as we still seek some form of leadership and ministry.

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

NBA Prayers for 6th July - Glendale Crossing Places (Wooler)

Based in Glendale, Northumberland: stunningly beautiful – spiritually needy. We work to:


1.      SOW and Share the Good news:



  • For our first (monthly) Café Church and all the people who came
  • For our Sunday brunches to which friends and neighbours come and talk and laugh and listen
  • For the enthusiastic and community-minded new folk in our (now completely full) community gardening scheme as we meet together monthly to chat and plan


  • For our neighbours and fellow-gardeners, that we might have more opportunities to grow to trust each other, and increased likelihood that people will respond well to invitations to come to Café Church

2.      FORM and Build a community of disciples



  • For our programme and events which spur us into missional thinking


  • For the friends on the edge of the group, that we will be grace-full and wise towards them, as we offer opportunities to become more engaged with us, and us with them

3.      SERVE and Work for the advancing of the Kingdom of God



  • For our local First School (years 1-5) who have responded positively to our invitation to introduce them to Scripture Union's "Life Path" school events this summer


  • For our working with various agencies (RVS, Schools, U3A, Gateway Trust, et al.) - that we'll keep influencing their agenda with aspects of the Christian faith
  • For our work in bringing the Christian story into the public arena – e.g. our future plans for story-telling about the Celtic saints
Minister: Rev Bill Eugster