Wednesday, 25 October 2017

NBA Prayers for 29th October - Headland BC (Hartlepool)

We are thankful for:

·         The wise guidance of our moderator, John Singleton, and the faithful ministry of those within the fellowship and beyond.
·         The growth in our children's Teatime Club, and the great teamwork of everyone involved.
·         The five young people who went to Kairos Camp in the summer and the resulting growth in relationships.

We are praying for:

·         Our growth as a "healthy church".
·         Continued inspiration for our youth and children's workers.
·         A treasurer!  We are so grateful for Martin James' support with keeping our finances in order, but are aware that we need someone from our own church to take on this important role.

Moderator: Rev John Singleton (and FB)

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

NBA Prayers for 22nd October - Beacon Lough BC (near Durham)


We have an amazing God who continues to surprise us with His gracious answers to prayer. We have been blessed with about 12 people, with wonderful  gifts in preaching, worship leading and children's work, joining our congregation.

 Praise God for the connections that are being forged in the community with the local primary schools, the development with Mother and Toddler groups, Bowls club and a predominately ladies Monday afternoon 'An Open Door' group.

Praise God for our 'Minister in Training', David Etherington and his wife Catherine who has just embarked on a new career, working with the Christian Charity, The Naked Truth Project.


Pray that God will give us wisdom as we integrate our new partners in Christ  to the fellowship and ignite the whole church into creative ways to make Jesus known in our community.

Pray for the planned activities leading up to Christmas particularly the 'Light Party' for children as an alternative to Halloween and the planned 'Christmas Journey' work with schools.

Pray for the people that are coming into contact with the church,  to experience the wonderful love of Jesus for themselves.

Pray for discernment as to how we minister to the broken in our community.

Minister in Training: David Etherington   /   on FB

Monday, 9 October 2017

NBA Prayers for 15th October - Stockton Baptist Church (formerly Stockton Baptist Tabernacle)

Thank you for praying last year concerning the safety of 'our' converted, ex-Muslim asylum-seekers. There are many other issues but we thank the Lord that there have been none concerning personal safety. Please keep praying!

We have been minus an assistant minister for 15 months and our Church Secretary has just announced that he will step down at the end of the year - after a tenure in which he has helped us through some big and much-needed changes. Give thanks for what has been achieved and pray for fresh growth under God's guidance.

We are about to apply for planning permission for some changes to our building, and there's a big element of faith in the financial side of that - please pray that we're doing the right thing! 

Senior Minister: Rev Andrew Waugh (and FB & Twitter)

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

NBA Prayers for 8th October - Marsden Road BT

Give thanks with us for:
·         our so important Home Mission grant 
·         the Faithfulness of our fellowship 
·         the speakers who come each week


Please pray with us:
·         for the members of our fellowship who are fighting cancer
·         for a new minister, that one may join us soon
·         for our youth