Wednesday, 9 December 2015

NBA Prayers for 13th December - Spennymoor IMC (between Durham and Bishop Auckland)

Give thanks for:

·         the encouragement provided by the Prayer Relay

·         George Eales' strengthening health

Pray for the Prayer Relay events, that they may all shine a light on the true meaning of Christmas:

·         our special Service this evening with John Claydon

·         the various carol singing opportunities during the coming week, in retirement homes and at ASDA and Weatherspoons, as well as our own Carol Service next Sunday evening

·         the Christmas Dinner for those who attend the weekly Friday "Drop-In"

·         the Kingdom Kids Nativity Play next Sunday afternoon

Ministers: George Eales and Beryl Harbisher

NOTE: The next NBA Prayers will be for Sunday 10th January

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for week from 6th December - Bishop Auckland BC


  • for our many visiting preachers and the varying styles of ministry that they bless us with
  • for the introduction at our church of a Children's Club (Explorers)



  • that God will bless the ministry of Explorers and that the numbers will steadily grow
  • ask God to bless and protect the leaders, the helpers, and those administering safeguarding
  • for the Community Prayer Meeting on 8th December, and pray that there will be a positive response to the Prayer Cards that are going to be distributed
  • that God will bless and sustain those of our Fellowship who are struggling with ill health and requiring medical attention
Minister: Rev Trevor Rowe

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for 29th November - Owton Manor BC (Hartlepool)

1)   Bright Sparks is our 5 to 11 children's work has rapidly grown to 46 for our Thursday evening meeting. This altered the dynamics, content and leadership requirement with too many children with insufficient to do, becoming unwieldy and potentially dangerous. Also, because of known absences coming up in Nov we thought it best suspended meetings and regroup our strategy and staff for January. At this stage our strategy is developing on course to re-open Jan 2016 where we look for the Lord's wisdom and blessing on the children.


2)   Because of the retirement of two leaders after many years of faithful service in many departments of the church, we need others to take over and nominations in for January for our AGM. As with many other churches this is not automatic in a mainly elderly congregation. Wisdom, motivation and new blood are required.


3)   The Baptist churches in Hartlepool have  gradually and deliberately worked closer together in recent years as a denomination, and so to with Churches Together in the town: FOODBANK, Street Pastors, Breakfast Club, Debt Counselling, Lent Courses, Week of Prayer for Unity, Pentecost Day of Prayer, Advent etc. We need this work to have deep roots and healthy growth to produce spiritual and practical wellbeing across Hartlepool.


West View for prayer:

·         We are thankful for being able to go ahead with our building refurbishment over the last few months. Pray for speedy completion of final bits and for additional work planned for the new year.

·         We are 60 years old! (last week actually) and are hoping to do some things during 2016 that might mark that in some way. Pray for ideas and opportunities.


And from Oxford Road:

·         We would appreciate prayer for a Christianity Explored course we intend to run early next year.

·         Protection for the leadership and the congregation as a number have faced some big challenges in the last few months the consequences of which will carry over into 2016

·         We have enjoyed working with a number of the other churches in Hartlepool and appreciated the fellowship and friendship shared among the leaders. Pray that this might continue to flourish in 2016.

Pastor: Rev Maurice Mathison


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for Week from 22nd November - Ushaw Moor BC (near Durham)

Items for praise:

  • Give thanks for our minister in training, David Etherington, who joined us in September.
  • Continue to thank God for the commitment and work with other Christians in the village and praise God for the things he is teaching us as we work together.
  •  Praise God for raising our horizons through our regular Wednesday morning prayer time.

Items for prayer:

  • Pray for Holy Spirit intervention as Paul Revill ministers to us on 22nd, at the launch of our week of prayer and the receiving of the 'baton'!
  • Pray that the 11 prayer stations will be challenging, encouraging and thought provoking as people grapple with the different aspects and pray that God will meet with them at their level.Pray for the teachers and a group of children from the local primary school who will attend on Thursday afternoon.
Minister in Training: David Etherington

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for week from 15th November - Durham City BC

Give thanks for:

·         The commitment of willing people who work together to bring God's love to the local community.

·         The number of children and young people who attend our groups each week and for the contact we have with their families.


Pray for:

·         The events planned for the week leading up to our anniversary:

Sunday 15th:           Morning  -   Paul Revill will take our service,   

                              Afternoon  - prayer with communion and fellowship tea,

Wednesday:            Members/congregational meeting

Thursday:               Girls' Brigade are hosting a prayer event to which we will invite other Churches.

Saturday/Sunday is our anniversary

Saturday 21st:         An evening entertainment and light refreshments with Lina Toth,

Sunday 22nd:          Morning service led by Lina Toth followed by lunch.

Invitations are extended to other churches for both of these occasions.

·         All groups that meet this week ('Heroes' for primary school children, Craft Group, Girls' Brigade) will be visited by our minister (Ronnie) and/or available deacons who will pass the prayer baton on, recognising that all our ministries seek to be missional.


Pray for:

·         The mission group that meets to pray and seek God's guidance concerning the church's mission.

·         Ronnie and the deacons that they will seek to keep mission central to the life of the church.

·         A greater realisation that God has called us to be involved in mission wherever he has placed us in the world.

·         All those who come into contact with the church that they might come into faith.

Minister: Rev Ronnie Wynd


Wednesday, 4 November 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for 8th November: Westgate BC

8th November 2015





We thank God


  1. For our newly completed retreat room and prayer room.


  2. For the developments in our youth ministry and those giving time their time to our young people. We especially give thanks for our recent youth led Sunday prayer night and the privilege of being prayer for by our young folk.


  3. For the vision, support and input of our regional ministers.



    Please pray


  1. For the development of our ministry as a place of retreat and prayer.


  2. For us as we open our building this week from Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm and invite people to come and spend time in prayer and using our prayer stations.  All are welcome!


  3. For clarity about our next mission strategy.

Sunday, 25 October 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for 1st November - Hetton le Hole IM Church

Dear Ian,

here's next weekend's prayer diary information a few days early, as I'm away on holiday this week.

With regards,



Give thanks for:

  • The continued Good Numbers in our Youth Work
  • Our continued links with the community through the local Nursery and schools
  • Our continued links with the community through the increased number of funeral services we have had this year

Please pray for:

  • Our Family Fun Night on Tuesday 3rd November - where our Young People must be accompanied by a parent.
  • Our first Memorial Service on November 29th when we are to invite the bereaved family members into church for a short service.
  • Our Christmas Programme including the visits of the local schools both mid-week and on a Sunday.




Wednesday, 21 October 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for October 25th - Enon BC

Give Thanks for:


  • The 12 signed up to the membership and Baptism course starting this Saturday, October 24th

  • The growing unity amongst churches in Sunderland, especially in prayer

  • A growing hunger to seek the Lord in prayer and worship within Enon Baptist Church


    Please pray for:


  • A deeper experience with God and his Spirit during our week of prayer

  • That those who are attending Alpha may finish the course and come to know the gospel of Jesus in a clear way

  • Pray for Paul Revill and Pete Jorysz as they lead the prophetic prayer workshop on Sunday 25th October and for Ian Coffey as he starts our day of fasting on November 1st.


    Please note that for the Prayer Relay, Enon are hosting a week of 24-7 prayer.  Visitors are warmly welcome and can sign up to have an hour in the prayer room at the church by visiting

Friday, 16 October 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for 18th October - Northern Baptist College

Here's a thanksgiving and an intercession for each day of the week.  


  1. Give thanks for a good intake of ministerial students this year
  2. Give thanks for Glyn's ministry as he prepares to retire in December
  3. Give thanks that all our leavers who entered the settlement system last year found churches
  4. Give thanks for Jonathan gaining his PhD
  5. Give thanks for the invaluable contribution made by all who give their time to serve as governors, committee members, interviews etc.
  6. Give thanks for a good number of students starting the BA at LKH this year
  7. Give thanks for the privilege of working with those whom God has called to lead the church



  1. For wisdom for Governors as they meet on Oct 22nd
  2. For our partnership with SBTC and the five Baptist Ministers in Training who started formation there this year
  3. For more money!
  4. For energy for our hard-working staff team
  5. For Gale and Linda as they work on their PhD research
  6. For each of the churches and mission projects with whom our students work
  7. For those students working towards recognition as lay pastors and lay preachers




Thursday, 8 October 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for 11th October - Upper Eden BC

11th October 2015


NBA Prayer Relay – Upper Eden BC (Kirkby Stephen)



Give Thanks For:

  • The resumption of our regular outreach activities, including a well-attended Ladies Night, Coffee Drop In, Holiday Club Extra and our new venture "The Sunday Service" based upon our old family services, all designed to help our community "get through life".

  • The unity of the church and dedication of church members has been lovely to see, including several new members, who all get stuck into church life and have a desire to see the Gospel spread in our community.

  • God has continually met our needs, providing resources and money in order for us to continue to try and reach our community. We are very grateful for this.


    Please Pray For:

  • Our "Away day at home" on October 24th, where we intend to outline the vision and direction the church for the coming year and longer term. There are many possibilities and we feel the church has a "spark" at the moment, we want the Spirit to fan it into a flame. We're excited and expectant, ready to see what God has in store for us.

  • We have had a number of deaths and illnesses, related to our congregation recently. We are praying and getting alongside those who are hurting and mourning at the moment. 

  • That we can continue to be a light that shines brightly on the hill in Kirkby Stephen.

Monday, 28 September 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for 4th October - East Cleveland BC (Redcar)

Praise God for the amazing preachers we have had during our interregnum so far and that God's power and love is so evidently at work.
Praise God that numbers have not gone down and Church members are excited about the future.
Praise God that He is in control!

Pray for continued guidance as we put together our Church Profile and that God will be preparing the right person to become our future pastor.
Pray for new Home Groups and planned future out-reach events - for new people to come to know God.
Pray for the situation with SSI (Steel Works), that we will be seen as a welcome place where people can come for help and support.


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for 27th September - Wolsingham BC (Weardale)

Please pray for:

  • The recent outreach at Wolsingham and Stanhope Agricultural show, which involved a Churches Together Christian table, where children were able to do a craft and a prayer tree was available for adults. We also had a charity box for the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. This gave us the opportunity to talk and pray with non-church attenders. People also      wrote a card message for the children in Great Ormond Street Hospital, which card was sent with our money donation.
  • The Churches together in Weardale and Hope in the Dale, as we plan for our Christmas outreach and Christingle service on 24th December. Some 400 people attend this service and have a chance to hear the gospel.
  • Our harvest outreach on October 10th at 7pm, when we have a Concert with Paul Wheater, followed by Pie and pea supper.
  • Our visitors who attended our church while on holiday over this last summer of 2015 and who stay at two of the caravan sites near Wolsingham.
  • Our regular 15 members who attend our church each week and our ill and house bound members.
  • More people to be saved and join our church as reach out in Weardale.
  • Our Pastor in Training Paul Harris, as he continues is studies.

Finally, but importantly, give thanks that the Lord keeps us going as the only Baptist church in Weardale.

Pastor in Training: Paul Harris


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for 20th September - Coulby Newham BC (Middlesbrough)

Thanksgiving stuff


1. Giving thanks for the mega Baptism Service we had two weeks ago (20th September,) where 7 New Followers of Jesus were Baptised. 


2. Giving thanks for the amazing team of 3 full time Youth Workers that God has incredibly brought together to lead mission and ministry here for the next two years.


3. Giving thanks for CNBC being in a time of fresh vision and with a sense of excitement and passion about the future of where God is leading. 


Prayer Requests


1. This weekend's 24/7 Prayer Room event. That we, as a Church family, partner with God in prayer to shift earthly realities and bring more heavenly realities. And that our family are not left the same after leaving the Prayer Room. 


2. Pray that in all the busyness and activities we would keep our focus on the simple purpose of being Disciples of our master Jesus and making more disciples of Him. 


3. Pray for the decisions and discussions that CNBC are having around the future of our building and its development. Pray we are led by the Holy Spirit in this.

Pastor: Rev Stephen Sutton


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

NBA Prayer Relay - 13th September (Esh Winning BC)



1. Revival in Esh Winning, including Restoration of those who once "walked well" but have now grown cold.

2. Fruit from the labour in our Children's and Young People's Clubs and our Ladies Fellowship - where we have many "unchurched" attending.

3. Response to our continuing Outreach work, involving Cream Teas, Ministry at two local Care Homes and delivery of Harvest Baskets to elderly of our village.




1. Faithfulness of Members and Fellowship in their Giving to the Church and to Missions.

2. Completion of the very expensive Asbestos Removal from the Basement Area and complete replacement of Financial Loss.

3. Visiting Preachers and our own "Lay Preachers" who, each week, sustain the ministry of God's Word here.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for 6th September - Gt Asby Baptist Church

Please pray for:

1.    1.  successful mission initiative in our small village during and after the NBA Prayer Baton Relay, which begins on 6 September.
2.     The growth of our Sunday School, with more young people coming to know Jesus.
3.     God to give us fresh revelation, wisdom and discernment when planning for the future of our church.


We give thanks for:

1.     The continuing commitment of our members and visiting preachers, as they work for the glory of God.
2.     The opportunities God is giving us to network with others, both in and out of our community, in building His kingdom.
3.     The generosity and foresight of those who are helping us to sustain and develop our ministry and church.

Lay Pastor: Donald Marston

Thursday, 27 August 2015

NBA Prayer Relay - Launch Prayers for 30th August


For the new NBA prayer initiative, the Prayer Relay, which launches this Sunday (30th August), based around the weekly prayer diary

For the opportunity at the launch to pray together in unity across the North East at several landmark 'high places'

Please Pray

That the Prayer Relay is a catalyst to enable all of our churches to go deeper in their prayer life and further in their mission

For God to work powerfully in each of our churches over the coming year as we recommit to seek him in prayer and serve him in mission

For this initiative to deepen our bonds of fellowship across the churches of the Association

Prayers provided by Rev Paul Revill

Website Page:

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

NBA Prayers for 23rd August - Beacon Lough BC (Gateshead)

For Thanks:

The recent children's holiday club

The time of reflection at our recent deacons' away day

The continued good relationships between local churches


For Continued Prayer:

Start of a new men's group, 'Just Blokes.'

September's Week of Prayer

Health and well-being of our older members

Start of our autumn programme of events

Pastor: Rev Bob Adams

Website: (and on Facebook and YouTube)

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

NBA Prayers for 16th August - Glendale Crossing Places (Wooler)

More items for praise than prayer this time!


·                     In June, we brought year 3 of our local First School (Primary) to Scripture Union's "Life Path" event; it was greatly enjoyed by everyone. It looks likely that they'll now be thinking about bringing the next year 3 back there to hear a clear Christian story well told and entered into by the children. Highly recommended!


·                     We recently had the new Baptist Union President, Jenni Entrican, meet with us and other local rural pioneers. Her theme "Daring Greatly" has been set to encourage pioneer ministries to be a model of good practice for other mission-centred churches.


·                     Our community minister, Bill, has hosted the "Paintathon" event at the recent Wooler Festival. Around 100 children and adults were asked to look at themselves in a mirror, think about who they really are, and paint their own portrait. The results were displayed in the High Street for the following two weeks - a way of encouraging people to think about who made them.


·                     Café Church continues to ask similar questions of those who help fill the back room of the local pub. We seek a way of encouraging people to think more deeply about faith and life. This year has brought in 3 new people from Café Church to our Core Group.


·                     Local churches have got together to hold a quarterly Taizé worship time. This is another small way to help different denominations to meet and worship together.


·                     Thanks for our medium-term future now appearing more secure. Your prayers are valued!


And some matters for prayer, too.


·                     Bill as he heads up the Glendale "Intergenerational Opportunities" panel which seeks better employment opportunities, skill-sharing and communication between old and young in Glendale, and for finding ways of stopping the haemorrhage of young talent away from the countryside.


·                     September sees the completion of the move for the First School as they begin to share the same site as the Middle School. Crossing Places hopes to encourage greater community participation in the school garden and craft sessions. Pray for Bill's continuing work with them.


·                     Volunteering at the Royal Voluntary Service's weekly "Gathering" offers chances of making friends. Please pray that we can be supportive and offer spiritual comfort, when asked, to the participants.

Minister: Rev Bill Eugster


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

NBA Prayers for 9th August - Simonside Baptist Church @ The Scotch Estate

We are plodding along at Simonside. One of the problems we had was our name. We are not at Simonside but are based on the Scotch Estate; so we have changed the name to Simonside Baptist Church @ the Scotch Estate.


The Fun Club is also plodding along, with 3 boys and their father who were on our original membership roll and two newer members, a girl and a boy. In our small hall, five is enough but we could accommodate one or two more.


We are holding a special church meeting on Sunday 16th August. We see it as a make or break time. Having prayed long and hard, asking God for guidance, we believe He has answered our prayers. We need to get out again and this time attempt to cover more of the estate. This time we are not looking for children, but for adults to come along and join us.


People will tell you that, although the church is unattractive outside, inside it is warm and comfortable. It is what lies beneath the surface that matters!


Please pray for us and for Reuben, our Minister, recovering from a cataract operation (his second) earlier this week.

Minister: Rev Reuben Horsley

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

NBA Prayers for 2nd August - TEBA (Tryon Evergreen Baptist Association, in Texas)

Three things you can thank God for in the life of the Association:

1] Grateful for the number of people who have come to saving faith in Christ this year.

2] Grateful for the strong fellowship and support among the TEBA churches and missions.

3] Grateful for the opportunity to partner in the planting of new congregations in the Association.


Three items/issues you can share with us in praying about:

1] We pray we would stay passionately faithful to our Vision and Mission:

Our VISION: To be a partnership of healthy reproducing congregations cooperating together to transform our community and our world.

Our PURPOSE: The purpose of this Association is to relate to and assist the member churches individually and cooperatively in carrying out the fulfilment of the Great Commission through the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

2] We pray that God would continue to raise up or send us qualified Church Planters.

3] We pray that God would guide us as we seek to determine and implement our future Associational Strategy.

Executive Director: Rev Roger A Yancey


Wednesday, 22 July 2015

NBA Prayers for 26th July - Stocksfield BC (Tyne Valley)

We give thanks for the appointment of our new Minister, Pete Jorysz, who will be joining us in September, after a lengthy but smooth appointments process which saw the church come together in a really united and prayerful way. During this period we were all encouraged as different people stepped up to fill the roles normally undertaken by a minister.


We praise God for the renovation work which has taken place in the church building during this period and we are now enjoying the benefits of a lovely refurbished hall, new boiler and heating system and splendid new toilets!


We pray for Pete and his wife Steph as they move to a new part of the country and pray that they will quickly settle into their new home and God will richly bless them in their new jobs.


We ask prayer for healing for the daughter of our Church Secretary, recently diagnosed with breast cancer.


Wednesday, 15 July 2015

NBA Prayers for 19th July - Darlington Baptist Tabernacle

Praise God for:

  • The continuing faithfulness of many members as they look to serve the community in which God has placed us.
  • Good numbers of toddlers and carers who attend the weekly Toddler group meeting.
  • Good links with a small number from the neighbourhood through T @ the Tab (a drop in opportunity for fellowship, refreshments, credit union etc.), "Not the Youth Club" (a monthly opportunity for adults to meet and relax, playing games or just chatting) and the Community Choir.
  • God's goodness to Robyn Shepherd and her husband Gareth, as they expect the arrival of their first child in November.
  • Increased links with Grange Road Baptist Church.
  • The support of the NBA, as we are looking to God for the future, through the Springboard initiative.

Pray for:

  • God's blessing on all those who serve in the church at the present time.
  • Wisdom as we look to implement appropriate recommendations resulting from the Springboard report.
  • Opportunities to introduce those on the fringe of the churches' activities to Jesus.
  • Guidance as we consider how the current links with Grange Road might develop.
Minister in Training: Robyn Shepherd

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

NBA Prayers for 12th July - South Bank BC, Middlesbrough

A few things to say 'thanks' for:

·         People coming to faith, and recent baptisms.

·         A growing hunger for more of God throughout our congregation.

·         A genuine sense of God at work in our community.


A few things to pray for:

·         'The Lunch Box' which will run every Monday, Wednesday and Friday throughout August, offering packed lunches and family friendly activities to local families.

·         We believe God is telling us to 'Get Ready ...'

·         The discipleship of new Christians, especially those who find it difficult to attend church on a Sunday because of work commitments.

Minister: Rev Jon Edwards

Website: www. (and on Facebook)

Sunday, 7 June 2015

NBA Prayers for 298th June - Blackhill BC (near Consett)

Give thanks

·         for the 31 young people who recently went on the 'weekend away' with the Youth Café leaders, Gary, our minister, and his wile Val.

·         for the families who come along to our monthly 'Messy Church'

·         for the youngsters who come to our weekly children's outreach 'Trailblazers'


Pray for

·         The leaders and workers in the 'Youth Café', Messy Church and Trailblazers.

·         For many of our members who have health problems at present

·         Those who have recently joined our morning congregation, especially those who are wanting to become more involved and the gentleman who has requested to be baptised.

Pastor: Rev Gary Collier


NBA Prayers for 21st June - Thornaby BC

Give Thanks

For our privilege to be engaged in mission and ministry in our local community: through our food bank, schools work, and various other activities based in the church and community.

For our Intern, Ben, who has been a gift from God to us and has served the people of Thornaby with real faithfulness - making a difference in Jesus' name.

For Home Mission support, which has enabled us to support our Minister in Training for the past 3 years (Alan will be Ordained on Saturday 11th July, 2pm at Stockton Baptist Tabernacle, all are welcome)  


Please Pray

For the church's ongoing mission and ministry through these changing times as both our Pastor and our Intern move on during the Summer.

For those who are grieving having lost loved ones.

That people may see that we are Jesus' disciples by the way we love Him and one another.

Pastor: Alan Brand

Saturday, 6 June 2015

NBA Prayers for 14th June - Hamsterley BC

We have ongoing concern over small numbers regularly attending Sunday services (only four regulars). Give thanks for the faithful witness of the few.

We are considering further use of the building as a Prayer Centre for a wider area. Pray for wisdom and discernment as we pursue this.

We work with Bishop Auckland BC, who support us by coming to us on the 5th Sunday of the month. Give thanks for their commitment to us.

There is great spiritual need in a generally affluent and complacent village. Pray that the Spirit may move in this place.

Our pastor, Trevor Rowe, has oversight of both churches. Give thanks for his ministry and pray for him.

Pastor: Rev Trevor Rowe
Website: http://hamsterley,

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

NBA Prayers for 7th June - Lithuania

Give thanks for the growing partnership, for the work of Ian Britton and John Claydon in developing this relationship, and for the work of Lina Toth (formerly Andronoviene) and Irmantas Pinkoritis in their warm and helpful responses to us. May God bless all the Baptist churches in Lithuania and enable them to be more effective and powerful as salt and light in their communities.


Please pray for:

God's blessing and deepening of our mission partnership with the Baptist Union of Lithuania. On 16th June, five folk from the Association and Northern Baptist College will be travelling to Lithuania for a week, visiting five churches to preach and teach about mission.

the team: Paul Revill, Bill Clegg and Alistair Menzies from the NBA and Andrew Phillips and Lanre Banwo from Northern College - for God's protection, for him to use the team greatly as they meet and share faith with folk from the Lithuanian churches; and also that they will gel well into a team - they will not have met as a whole team until the flight out to Lithuania.

the Lithuanian churches, that they will be encouraged and stimulated further in thinking and practice of mission.

our relationship with the Lithuanian churches, to move towards a new phase where we engage in more mission to those beyond the churches, not just supporting and encouraging those within the churches.

Ask God for his hand of protection to be upon the whole country, which is increasingly feeling insecure with Russia as a near neighbour, based upon the intervention in the Ukraine.

Prayers provided by Rev Paul Revill (NBA Team Leader, Mission)

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

NBA Prayers for 31st May (Trinity Sunday) - "The Tab"

THANK YOU for your prayers for our evening service - numbers are up, due in part to the excellent preaching series right through the book of Revelation by David Taylor-Black. As this series draws to a close on 31st May, please pray that we'd meet the Lord by his Spirit through his word in our next series.

Please continue to pray for more musicians to step forward.

In August we are sending a team of teenagers to do youth and children's work in rural Uganda. In October we're sending an adult team to do gospel preaching and development work in schools and prisons. Please pray for the finances, and then for safety and fruitfulness... and for anxious relatives back home.

Give thanks for the continued level of unity among several central churches in Stockton, Baptist and others. We have jointly given out 4,000 TryPraying booklets - please pray that unchurched folks would learn to pray and give their hearts to the Lord to whom they're praying!
Thanks very much!

Senior Pastor: Rev Andrew Waugh