Monday, 9 March 2020

NBA Prayers for 15th March 2020

We give thanks for

  • Our monthly Agape meals in a local home – an occasion when people can speak freely about their faith and lives and find real support
  • We have started a regular fortnightly prayer gathering to bless the people of Glendale
  • Our regular significant input into Wooler Messy Church – hard work, great fun and friendship-building


We would like you to pray for

  • Our next Messy Church (5th April) – that we will continue building towards a second-level event for parents
  • For the Agape meal to grow in influence among friends, neighbours and local Christians
  • For our growing friendship with local Baptists, even though they're a distance away!

Prayers supplied by Bill Eugster: Glendale Crossing Places

Wednesday, 4 March 2020

NBA Prayers Stockton Baptist Church 8th March 2020

Give thanks
  • for the prayer warriors and visionaries that God has blessed our church with.
  • for our successful work amongst the various communities in Stockton.
  • for the friendship and support found amongst church members as reach out to the wider community.

Please pray 
  • for the continued success of our work amongst refugees and asylum seekers.

  • that God will continue to inspire and motivate His people here in Stockton

  • for 'Transforming Teeside Together's 'Movement Day Teesside' in June.
    • that God will direct the conversations as we prayerfully discuss the future development of Teesside.
Prayers supplied by Roger M Daniel: NBA Prayer Coordinator