Monday, 11 May 2020

NBA Prayers for Berwick Hills Baptist Church 17th May 2020

Dear Friends,

I have recently discovered the importance several NBA churches attach to the weekly prayer emails.  It appears that especially those on the geographical periphery of the region, find them an important reminder that they are part of a large network. I understand that many of our churches are under severe time constraints and have subsequently, been too busy to respond when asked for prayer requests. I shall, therefore, resume my task of sending out prayer emails but only solicit requests from those churches that specifically ask for me to do so. This coming Sunday, please pray for;

Berwick Hills Baptist Church
Graygarth Road Berwick Hills,

Give thanks for:
  • the faithful leadership of this church that has guided it through many challenging situations.
  • the members of this church that have faithfully witnessed to the wider community of Berwick Hills.

Please pray for:
  •  the ministry of this church as it seeks the way forward over the coming weeks and months
  • the members of this church as they cope with the many challenges faced in these difficult days.
  • .the community leaders of Berwick Hills, as they respond to the many different calls upon their time and resources during the crisis.
May God bless you all richly through this coming week.

Roger M Daniel
NBA Prayer Coordinator