Sunday, 23 September 2018

NBA Prayers for 30th September - Wolsingham BC (Weardale)

* Thank God for some of new people who are worshiping with us each week, and pray that the new people will stay with us and make our church there permanent home.

* Pray that our church will grow and that the Lord will give us a vision for our future as church in the days to come. Pray that we will encounter more of Christ each week as we meet for fellowship.  

* Thank God for the Churches Together witness at the Wolsingham Agricultural Show in September. 

* Pray that people will come to know the Lord in Wolsingham and that we may help build God's Kingdom in Weardale and County Durham.

Pastor: Paul Harris

Monday, 17 September 2018

NBA Prayers for 23rd September - Stocksfield BC (Tyne Valley)

23rd September 2018

NBA Prayers – Stocksfield Baptist Church

Minister: Rev Pete Jorysz

Website: (and on Facebook)


Thanks for our church:

"Thanks and praise to God for a number of healings in the last year including a fractured ankle, chronic back pain, muscular and eye problems."

Prayer for our church;

"Prayer for our Alpha course which starts on 20th September, with the Alpha Supper on 13th September. Praying that folks will invite people and that they will come and hear the good news for themselves."

Thanks for our local community;

"Thanks for increasingly close ecumenical relationships with other local churches, including a Friday morning prayer meeting for the Tyne valley, joint worship services and joint ministry such as the summer children's Holiday Club and CAP Job Club.

Prayer for our local community.  

"Prayer that we make a greater kingdom impact on our local communities with the love of Christ, truth of the word of God and power of the Holy Spirit!"

Minister: Rev Pete Jorysz

Saturday, 1 September 2018

NBA Prayers for 16th September - Thorney CLose IMC (Sunderland)

Thanks for our church:

We give thanks for deepening fellowship and new members.


Prayer for our church:

Over the year we are planning to distribute literature to all 1800 homes in our area. Please pray for a good reception and response.


Thanks for our local community;

Our Toddler Group last term was full to capacity and we thank God for the privilege of serving over 20 families. We were able to present bibles to 10 children as they left to start Nursery School.


Prayer for our local community:

We are now the only Church in our estate and we pray for new ways to reach our community.


And thank you all who take the time to pray with us, this Sunday and at other times, for God's Blessing on Thorney Close.

Minister: Martin Bolt

NBA Prayers for 9th September - Heaton BC (Newcastle)

Item of thanks: for God's continued guidance, provision and wisdom during the recent pastoral vacancy and the opportunity to mark the conclusion of that with Dave Tubby's on 8th September. We would also value prayers for God to be at the forefront of all that we do and share together as we embark on this exciting new chapter. 

Item of prayer: Pastoral care is such an important part of church life, and this is something that we are developing together in the autumn. We have been encouraged by those who want to be involved in developing something, so just a sense that God will guide us to develop something that works well within the congregation and means that those on the periphery and who are isolated are fully supported within the church. 

Thanks item for the community: that the local councillors have expressed interest in engaging with and working alongside us to support the wider community practically. 

Prayer item for the community: that the good work of the local Churches Together in Heaton would act as a springboard for the area to be spiritually transformed through Jesus. 

Senior Minister: Rev Dave Tubby (and FB)