Wednesday, 26 October 2016

NBA Prayer Relay for the week from Sunday 30 October - Stocksfield BC



1. Thankfulness that God has brought to us a range of ages, with thriving youth work and children's work.


2. Thankfulness that God has been faithful in providing for us as a church, in terms of leaders (including a new minister and new youth worker), in terms of financial provision (enabling a refurbishment programme) and in terms of live connections with the community (through different ministries). 


3. Thankfulness for His amazing provision which enabled the church to carry out extensive work on the building, new toilets and a refurbished Hall in 2014.  We seek guidance on the next steps for further improvements and for the necessary funding!  Malachi 3 v 10.


4. Thankfulness for good relations with surrounding churches and growing partnerships (e.g. CAP, Job Club).




1. Pray that we will experience more of the power and presence of the Holy Spirit in and through our lives individually and as a church as we gather to worship. Pray for those in our fellowship who have been on a short course discerning what spiritual gifts God is seeking to develop in them and how they might be worked out in their lives. Prayer too for those who were unable to be part of the course that God will reveal the gifts he wants to develop in them. 


2. Pray that we will become more rounded disciples, knowing who we are in Christ, what we are each called to, with growing sensitivity to what God is saying and doing in our lives. Pray for those who are taking part in IGNITE, a longer discipleship course helping Christians to understand their identity in Christ and God's specific calling on their life as disciples.


3. Pray that we will grow in confidence missionally, making more connections with the communities we live, work and play in. Pray that we be more effective in sharing the love of Jesus in word and deed.


4. Pray for our children's work and youth work, that it will continue to thrive and grow.

Minister: Rev Pete Jorysz
Website:  (and on FB)

Sunday, 2 October 2016

NBA Prayer Relay for week from 23rd October - South Hylton IMC (Sunderland)

Praise for:

  • The 150+ children from two different schools who attended the "Bible Comes Alive" presentation in the church last week.
  • Some new attenders at our Sunday services.
  • The faithful preaching of the Word, both in our Sunday worship and weekday meetings.

Prayer for:

  • The Children's Holiday Bible Club this week, as it follows on from last week's event. Pray that many children might be encouraged to attend.
  • All attending worship, that they might go deeper with the Lord.
  • Help with the work among children and young people.Some older church members with serious health problems.
Minster: Mrs A.I. Chisholm

NBA Prayer Relay for week from 16th October - Morpeth BC

Please give thanks for:
Our New Pastor-in-Training John Cooper who started on September 24th;
Improved relationship with school where we meet through the new caretaker, Annette;
Foundation built through our Ministry group over the past 2 years, and our move back to having elders and deacons

Please pray:
For closer relationship with Abbeyfields school where we meet;
For opportunities to reach out in the local area of Kirkhill in Morpeth;
For us to have more families join the church and to be able to better serve our children and young people.

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NBA Prayer Relay for week from 9th October - Beacon Lough BC (Gateshead)

Give thanks for

The new Girls Brigade Group which is now meeting every Friday evening and is already full.

Good relationships with other churches in Gateshead

The hard work of all our leaders and helpers who keep everything going week by week.


Pray for

Every person who comes into the church every week that they would want to discover more about Jesus.

Our new Memory Lane Café which is starting this month.

Clarity on how we might engage with the community around the church.

Plans for more joint services with local churches.

Pastor: Rev Bob Adams

Website: (and on Facebook and YouTube)