Sunday, 30 August 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for 6th September - Gt Asby Baptist Church

Please pray for:

1.    1.  successful mission initiative in our small village during and after the NBA Prayer Baton Relay, which begins on 6 September.
2.     The growth of our Sunday School, with more young people coming to know Jesus.
3.     God to give us fresh revelation, wisdom and discernment when planning for the future of our church.


We give thanks for:

1.     The continuing commitment of our members and visiting preachers, as they work for the glory of God.
2.     The opportunities God is giving us to network with others, both in and out of our community, in building His kingdom.
3.     The generosity and foresight of those who are helping us to sustain and develop our ministry and church.

Lay Pastor: Donald Marston

Thursday, 27 August 2015

NBA Prayer Relay - Launch Prayers for 30th August


For the new NBA prayer initiative, the Prayer Relay, which launches this Sunday (30th August), based around the weekly prayer diary

For the opportunity at the launch to pray together in unity across the North East at several landmark 'high places'

Please Pray

That the Prayer Relay is a catalyst to enable all of our churches to go deeper in their prayer life and further in their mission

For God to work powerfully in each of our churches over the coming year as we recommit to seek him in prayer and serve him in mission

For this initiative to deepen our bonds of fellowship across the churches of the Association

Prayers provided by Rev Paul Revill

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

NBA Prayers for 23rd August - Beacon Lough BC (Gateshead)

For Thanks:

The recent children's holiday club

The time of reflection at our recent deacons' away day

The continued good relationships between local churches


For Continued Prayer:

Start of a new men's group, 'Just Blokes.'

September's Week of Prayer

Health and well-being of our older members

Start of our autumn programme of events

Pastor: Rev Bob Adams

Website: (and on Facebook and YouTube)

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

NBA Prayers for 16th August - Glendale Crossing Places (Wooler)

More items for praise than prayer this time!


·                     In June, we brought year 3 of our local First School (Primary) to Scripture Union's "Life Path" event; it was greatly enjoyed by everyone. It looks likely that they'll now be thinking about bringing the next year 3 back there to hear a clear Christian story well told and entered into by the children. Highly recommended!


·                     We recently had the new Baptist Union President, Jenni Entrican, meet with us and other local rural pioneers. Her theme "Daring Greatly" has been set to encourage pioneer ministries to be a model of good practice for other mission-centred churches.


·                     Our community minister, Bill, has hosted the "Paintathon" event at the recent Wooler Festival. Around 100 children and adults were asked to look at themselves in a mirror, think about who they really are, and paint their own portrait. The results were displayed in the High Street for the following two weeks - a way of encouraging people to think about who made them.


·                     Café Church continues to ask similar questions of those who help fill the back room of the local pub. We seek a way of encouraging people to think more deeply about faith and life. This year has brought in 3 new people from Café Church to our Core Group.


·                     Local churches have got together to hold a quarterly Taizé worship time. This is another small way to help different denominations to meet and worship together.


·                     Thanks for our medium-term future now appearing more secure. Your prayers are valued!


And some matters for prayer, too.


·                     Bill as he heads up the Glendale "Intergenerational Opportunities" panel which seeks better employment opportunities, skill-sharing and communication between old and young in Glendale, and for finding ways of stopping the haemorrhage of young talent away from the countryside.


·                     September sees the completion of the move for the First School as they begin to share the same site as the Middle School. Crossing Places hopes to encourage greater community participation in the school garden and craft sessions. Pray for Bill's continuing work with them.


·                     Volunteering at the Royal Voluntary Service's weekly "Gathering" offers chances of making friends. Please pray that we can be supportive and offer spiritual comfort, when asked, to the participants.

Minister: Rev Bill Eugster


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

NBA Prayers for 9th August - Simonside Baptist Church @ The Scotch Estate

We are plodding along at Simonside. One of the problems we had was our name. We are not at Simonside but are based on the Scotch Estate; so we have changed the name to Simonside Baptist Church @ the Scotch Estate.


The Fun Club is also plodding along, with 3 boys and their father who were on our original membership roll and two newer members, a girl and a boy. In our small hall, five is enough but we could accommodate one or two more.


We are holding a special church meeting on Sunday 16th August. We see it as a make or break time. Having prayed long and hard, asking God for guidance, we believe He has answered our prayers. We need to get out again and this time attempt to cover more of the estate. This time we are not looking for children, but for adults to come along and join us.


People will tell you that, although the church is unattractive outside, inside it is warm and comfortable. It is what lies beneath the surface that matters!


Please pray for us and for Reuben, our Minister, recovering from a cataract operation (his second) earlier this week.

Minister: Rev Reuben Horsley