Tuesday, 18 February 2020

NBA Prayers for the start of Lent

Give thanks:
  • for Lynn Green our General Secretary's prophecy, that God will bring new life into the whole Baptist movement through what He is going to do in the North East of England. 

Let us pray that
  • that this prophetic word will be fulfilled as God works in our churches over the coming weeks and months.
  •  that this season will see renewed spiritual life in all our churches.
  • that we will seek God wholeheartedly and encounter him in fresh ways.
  • that we will discern what God is saying to us as individuals and congregations.
  • that God will give us the confidence to be bold to take risks and exercise greater faith in him. 
  • that God will grow in our churches a culture of creativity, experimentation and a willingness to do new things as we follow His lead. 
Lent Prayer Topics supplied by: 
Rev Paul Revill
NBA Regional Minister: Mission Enabler

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

NBA Prayers for 16/02/2020

Give thanks for:
  • the continued success of Castlesiders, our monthly outreach to children.
  • our link with the fellowship at Grove Methodist Church and the encouragement we all receive from this.
  • the generosity of members who gave to our gift service, enabling us to distribute  20 gifts at the elderly care ward at Shotley Bridge Hospital.   

Please pray:
  • that our outreach into the local community will bear much fruit.
  •  we continue to serve our Saviour in the power of the Holy Spirit this year.
  • that God will halt the spread of the coronavirus and support medical staff who work tirelessly toward this end.
Prayer requests supplied by Roger M Daniel: NBA Prayer Coordinator

Tuesday, 4 February 2020

NBA Prayers for 09/02/2020

Give thanks for:
  •  our new Minister, Nick Megoran.
  •  members of the local community who use our building during the week   

Please pray:
  •  that God richly blesses Nick & our church in this time of new ministry & change.
  • for stronger links to be established between our local community & our church
 Prayers supplied by: wallsendbaptistchurch.org.uk