Wednesday, 28 February 2018

NBA Prayers for 4th March - Portrack BC (Stockton-on-Tees)

Give thanks for a recent faith-sharing weekend with a group of students on placement from Cranmer Hall in Durham.


Pray for:

opportunity to build on that and for plans to be a blessing to our local estate on Good Friday;

what we have planned for Easter Sunday, as we incorporate into our worship a child thanksgiving for a family from the estate and two baptisms.

Minster: Rev Linda Donaldson
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Wednesday, 21 February 2018

NBA Prayers for 25th February - South Bank BC

We thank and praise God for recent baptisms and new members.


We thank and praise God for our community cafe - Freedom Cafe - which opens every Friday and has been running for almost a year, and for the impact that it has had on our church and our local community.


Please pray that, as a church, we would together discover ways to put our vision statement - 'To be courageous messengers of God's unconditional love' - into practice.


Please pray that, as a church, we would know God's leading as to the right way and the right time and the right people to restart our youth and children's work in the community.

Minister: Rev Jon Edwards (and FB)

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

NBA Prayers for 18th February - Crosby Garrett United Church

We had a great turn out from the village for our carol and nativity service, taken by Donald Marston, with the young people from the village doing readings and the smaller children acting out the nativity. It was a great joy to see a full church of all denominations.


As a small, village church, we will always value all your prayers. Particularly now, we ask for your prayers for two of our members who are struggling with health problems and have not been able to get out to our services because of the weather conditions.

Ministers: Rev Stephen Radford (Methodist), Mr Donald Marston (Baptist)

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

NBA Prayers for 11th February - Morpeth BC



1, Pray for us as we spend a year listening to God and the community for mission.

2, Pray for our leaders as we spend time looking at our church profile etc. for the future.

3, Pray alongside us for those within Morpeth Baptist who work in hard but rewarding frontline missional jobs: Nurses; Chaplains; Teachers etc.




1, Thanks for God's vision we feel we've been receiving over the past year.
2, Thanks for the new(ish) caretaker at the school we meet in whom is a real 'Person of peace'.
3, Thanks that, while not having our own building sometimes annoys us, it does give some huge opportunities. May we be satisfied with what we have and use all the opportunities God has given us.

Pastor in Training: John Cooper (and FB)