Wednesday, 7 February 2018

NBA Prayers for 11th February - Morpeth BC



1, Pray for us as we spend a year listening to God and the community for mission.

2, Pray for our leaders as we spend time looking at our church profile etc. for the future.

3, Pray alongside us for those within Morpeth Baptist who work in hard but rewarding frontline missional jobs: Nurses; Chaplains; Teachers etc.




1, Thanks for God's vision we feel we've been receiving over the past year.
2, Thanks for the new(ish) caretaker at the school we meet in whom is a real 'Person of peace'.
3, Thanks that, while not having our own building sometimes annoys us, it does give some huge opportunities. May we be satisfied with what we have and use all the opportunities God has given us.

Pastor in Training: John Cooper (and FB)

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