Wednesday, 29 August 2018

NBA Prayers for 2nd September

Give thanks for all who serve in our Association and churches through training, support and encouragement, including mission, pastoral support, safeguarding, finance, IT, etc. May they be enriched as we serve together and see fruit for the Kingdom.


Pray for Paul Revill as he travels to visit suffering Christians in Kurdistan in Iraq and then, on his return, undergoes surgery on September 18th. Pray for our churches as they restart so many programmes and activities and also for those taking up new ministries amongst us: Dave Tubby at Heaton, Newcastle and Barry and Vicky Thompson at Darlington.


Give thanks for the beauty of the North East, its rich heritage of faith, community and industry and for all who work for the common good of the area.


Pray for those who serve us in national and local politics, industry, education, health and other public services. Pray for the churches of the area that we may be united in the common cause of the Gospel working to see more of God's Kingdom revealed amongst us.

Regional Ministers: John Claydon and Paul Revill (and FB & Twitter)

Monday, 20 August 2018

NBA Prayers for 26th August 2018 - Berwick BC

Giving God thanks for the way He has been leading us as a leadership and church, through what have been difficult and challenging times.

Pray that the Manse sells very quickly, to release funds which are needed for continued full time ministry within the church, and to upgrade our kitchens and toilets, in order to use them for outreach work within our community.

Give thanks to God for the way Churches Together in Berwick are working in joint ventures to reach our community with God's love, such as Messy Church, holiday clubs etc.

Pray that God will convict the hearts of people within our community of their sin and their need of Him.

Pastor: Rev John Hodgkins (and FB)

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

NBA Prayers for 19th August - Winton United LEP (Eden Valley)

Please give thanks with us that our plans to make significant alterations to the layout of Winton Chapel finally seem to be getting underway.

Please pray for help and support with Junior Church, which is struggling at the moment?

In the wider community, can we give thanks for the apparent impact of the recent Moving Mountains initiative, and can we pray for increased tolerance, understanding and compassion in the face of all the issues going on in the wider world?

Baptist Minister: Mr Donald Marston

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

NBA Prayers for 12th August - Northumbria Community

·         Thanksgiving: for the growth, developments and influence of the Community now across the world.

·         Prayer Request: for the blessing of God upon the new generation of leaders and other new appointments. 

·         In Every Place: that in every place where Companions of the Community live and work, they will carry the light of Christ and be bearers of his gentle peace and transforming hope.

·         Across the World: for the hearts and hands of Community across the nation and nations to be a prophetic sign and symbol of God's call to express community that counters and dismantles the boundaries, divides and walls of sectarianism, nationalism, racism and sexism in a turbulent, changing world.

Provided by Roy Searle & Tony Miller

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

NBA Prayers for 5th August - Bishop Auckland BC

Thanks that, as a church, we have been enabled through "re:imagine" to look forward in mission to our community, despite our lack of numbers.


Pray that the various new and continuing activities will prove fruitful in bringing people to a love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.


Thanks to God for our developing relationships through our Street CafĂ© and with Cultivate4Life, Influence Church and other Christians in and around Bishop Auckland.


Pray for those in the community suffering from ill health and especially those with the various forms of dementia. Pray especially for the Carers.

Pastor/Moderator: Rev Tony Taylor