Monday, 28 September 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for 4th October - East Cleveland BC (Redcar)

Praise God for the amazing preachers we have had during our interregnum so far and that God's power and love is so evidently at work.
Praise God that numbers have not gone down and Church members are excited about the future.
Praise God that He is in control!

Pray for continued guidance as we put together our Church Profile and that God will be preparing the right person to become our future pastor.
Pray for new Home Groups and planned future out-reach events - for new people to come to know God.
Pray for the situation with SSI (Steel Works), that we will be seen as a welcome place where people can come for help and support.


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for 27th September - Wolsingham BC (Weardale)

Please pray for:

  • The recent outreach at Wolsingham and Stanhope Agricultural show, which involved a Churches Together Christian table, where children were able to do a craft and a prayer tree was available for adults. We also had a charity box for the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. This gave us the opportunity to talk and pray with non-church attenders. People also      wrote a card message for the children in Great Ormond Street Hospital, which card was sent with our money donation.
  • The Churches together in Weardale and Hope in the Dale, as we plan for our Christmas outreach and Christingle service on 24th December. Some 400 people attend this service and have a chance to hear the gospel.
  • Our harvest outreach on October 10th at 7pm, when we have a Concert with Paul Wheater, followed by Pie and pea supper.
  • Our visitors who attended our church while on holiday over this last summer of 2015 and who stay at two of the caravan sites near Wolsingham.
  • Our regular 15 members who attend our church each week and our ill and house bound members.
  • More people to be saved and join our church as reach out in Weardale.
  • Our Pastor in Training Paul Harris, as he continues is studies.

Finally, but importantly, give thanks that the Lord keeps us going as the only Baptist church in Weardale.

Pastor in Training: Paul Harris


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for 20th September - Coulby Newham BC (Middlesbrough)

Thanksgiving stuff


1. Giving thanks for the mega Baptism Service we had two weeks ago (20th September,) where 7 New Followers of Jesus were Baptised. 


2. Giving thanks for the amazing team of 3 full time Youth Workers that God has incredibly brought together to lead mission and ministry here for the next two years.


3. Giving thanks for CNBC being in a time of fresh vision and with a sense of excitement and passion about the future of where God is leading. 


Prayer Requests


1. This weekend's 24/7 Prayer Room event. That we, as a Church family, partner with God in prayer to shift earthly realities and bring more heavenly realities. And that our family are not left the same after leaving the Prayer Room. 


2. Pray that in all the busyness and activities we would keep our focus on the simple purpose of being Disciples of our master Jesus and making more disciples of Him. 


3. Pray for the decisions and discussions that CNBC are having around the future of our building and its development. Pray we are led by the Holy Spirit in this.

Pastor: Rev Stephen Sutton


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

NBA Prayer Relay - 13th September (Esh Winning BC)



1. Revival in Esh Winning, including Restoration of those who once "walked well" but have now grown cold.

2. Fruit from the labour in our Children's and Young People's Clubs and our Ladies Fellowship - where we have many "unchurched" attending.

3. Response to our continuing Outreach work, involving Cream Teas, Ministry at two local Care Homes and delivery of Harvest Baskets to elderly of our village.




1. Faithfulness of Members and Fellowship in their Giving to the Church and to Missions.

2. Completion of the very expensive Asbestos Removal from the Basement Area and complete replacement of Financial Loss.

3. Visiting Preachers and our own "Lay Preachers" who, each week, sustain the ministry of God's Word here.