Wednesday, 30 January 2019

NBA Prayers for 3rd February - Berwick Hills BC (Middlesbrough)


We give thanks for the commitment of members to the busy Food Bank, on church premises and at the central depot, for relationships built through the Toddler Group and for the continuing contact with local schools. 

Please pray for the church in the coming months as Alan approaches retirement (at the end of July) and for clear guidance and a sense of God's will for the future in the time of readjustment afterwards.  


Despite many problems, the estate has a strong sense of community.  Individuals are generous in support of Food Bank, for example, and local businesses and schools seek to play their part in encouraging initiatives for residents.  

The 2015 index shows Berwick Hills ranks as the 27th most deprived of the 7522 wards in England.  The adjacent wards are similar (2nd and 10th).  Employment, income, health and education are all affected and the usual social problems follow.  People can feel demoralised and hope of improvement can be lost at an early age. The needs are great, the workers are few: pray therefore ...... 

Minister: Rev Alan Reed

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

NBA Prayers for 27th January - Ushaw Moor BC (near Durham)

·         Church thanks: for David Etherington, our minister in training, who completes his training in early summer.

·         Church prayer: for equipping, wisdom, power, unity and effectiveness as we seek to make Jesus known in Ushaw Moor.

·         Community thanks: children from the local primary school who came to church for Christmas Journey and who plan to come again for Easter Journey.

·         Community prayer: building relationships through community activities - Jumping Beans, the Great Big Story, Short Mat Bowls and Open Door.

Minister in Training: David Etherington
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Wednesday, 16 January 2019

20th January - NBA Prayers for NBC Baptist Hub (Cranmer Hall, Durham)

We give thanks for the opportunity to study in such a vibrant and caring environment and for the 7 Baptist Ministers in Training and a further 5 Baptist church members who are studying on the Free Church Track. In the midst of busy lives, which include study, work and substantial Church placements, the group encourages, supports and challenges each other in their discipleship. We give thanks for the strong missional leaders that each of these students is and the hope they offer to future church leadership and mission in the NBA. 


Please pray for all of the students in their diverse roles and in their studies, especially as assignment deadlines come and go. Pray too for those in their final year as they complete their studies and placements and seek God for their future ministry roles.

Hub Tutor: Rev Linda Donaldson
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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

NBA Prayers for Sunday 13th January - Hamsterley BC

We continue to meet monthly on the Second Sunday for Worship and we are persuaded the Lord would have us maintain an evangelical witness in the neighbourhood. To that end, please join us in giving thanks for faithful support from NBA leaders and from Bishop Auckland Baptist Church.


The local primary school used our building on 21st December for their Carol Service. We give thanks to God for that connection and we pray that it will, in some way, bear fruit in the future.


We would welcome interest from retiring Baptist ministers from anywhere in the UK who would consider Hamsterley a suitable place to come to! Please pray with us for a positive response to our heartfelt prayer.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

NBA Prayers for 6th January - East Cleveland BC (Redcar)

Our Church
Give thanks: We have spent much of 2018 discerning God's vision for our church, and feel that He has begun to unveil this to us.

Prayer: As a church, we are beginning the process of looking for a new home. Pray that God clearly directs us in this.

Our local community

Give thanks: Thank God for the renewed sense of pride in our local community through the filming of 'The Mighty Redcar'.

Prayer: Redcar struggles with a number of things, but unemployment is a key one. Pray that all will work to create and sustain local jobs.

Pastor: Rev Mark Hubbard (Supporting Pastor: Rev Jon Edwards) (and FB)