Wednesday, 30 January 2019

NBA Prayers for 3rd February - Berwick Hills BC (Middlesbrough)


We give thanks for the commitment of members to the busy Food Bank, on church premises and at the central depot, for relationships built through the Toddler Group and for the continuing contact with local schools. 

Please pray for the church in the coming months as Alan approaches retirement (at the end of July) and for clear guidance and a sense of God's will for the future in the time of readjustment afterwards.  


Despite many problems, the estate has a strong sense of community.  Individuals are generous in support of Food Bank, for example, and local businesses and schools seek to play their part in encouraging initiatives for residents.  

The 2015 index shows Berwick Hills ranks as the 27th most deprived of the 7522 wards in England.  The adjacent wards are similar (2nd and 10th).  Employment, income, health and education are all affected and the usual social problems follow.  People can feel demoralised and hope of improvement can be lost at an early age. The needs are great, the workers are few: pray therefore ...... 

Minister: Rev Alan Reed

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