Wednesday, 6 February 2019

NBA Prayers for 10th February - Blackhill BC (near Consett)

1a Praise God for the opportunity to share the Christmas story with many folks from the community who came to our Christmas Carol Service. 

 b Thank God for the time of blessings we have had during our special prayer times during January.


2. Pray for guidance and direction during this time when we are without a minister, that we will know God's will as to the future direction of the ministry at Blackhill.


3. Give thanks for the opportunity to help our small community of refugees who have been housed in Blackhill, by opening our premises to them one morning a week to meet together with those from local churches who have been able to offer help with language skills, friendship and in other practical ways to enable them settle into living in a foreign culture.


4. Pray for the community groups who meet in our premises on a regular basis, that we may be able to reach out to them with the message of the Gospel. (and FB)

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