Sunday, 25 October 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for 1st November - Hetton le Hole IM Church

Dear Ian,

here's next weekend's prayer diary information a few days early, as I'm away on holiday this week.

With regards,



Give thanks for:

  • The continued Good Numbers in our Youth Work
  • Our continued links with the community through the local Nursery and schools
  • Our continued links with the community through the increased number of funeral services we have had this year

Please pray for:

  • Our Family Fun Night on Tuesday 3rd November - where our Young People must be accompanied by a parent.
  • Our first Memorial Service on November 29th when we are to invite the bereaved family members into church for a short service.
  • Our Christmas Programme including the visits of the local schools both mid-week and on a Sunday.




Wednesday, 21 October 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for October 25th - Enon BC

Give Thanks for:


  • The 12 signed up to the membership and Baptism course starting this Saturday, October 24th

  • The growing unity amongst churches in Sunderland, especially in prayer

  • A growing hunger to seek the Lord in prayer and worship within Enon Baptist Church


    Please pray for:


  • A deeper experience with God and his Spirit during our week of prayer

  • That those who are attending Alpha may finish the course and come to know the gospel of Jesus in a clear way

  • Pray for Paul Revill and Pete Jorysz as they lead the prophetic prayer workshop on Sunday 25th October and for Ian Coffey as he starts our day of fasting on November 1st.


    Please note that for the Prayer Relay, Enon are hosting a week of 24-7 prayer.  Visitors are warmly welcome and can sign up to have an hour in the prayer room at the church by visiting

Friday, 16 October 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for 18th October - Northern Baptist College

Here's a thanksgiving and an intercession for each day of the week.  


  1. Give thanks for a good intake of ministerial students this year
  2. Give thanks for Glyn's ministry as he prepares to retire in December
  3. Give thanks that all our leavers who entered the settlement system last year found churches
  4. Give thanks for Jonathan gaining his PhD
  5. Give thanks for the invaluable contribution made by all who give their time to serve as governors, committee members, interviews etc.
  6. Give thanks for a good number of students starting the BA at LKH this year
  7. Give thanks for the privilege of working with those whom God has called to lead the church



  1. For wisdom for Governors as they meet on Oct 22nd
  2. For our partnership with SBTC and the five Baptist Ministers in Training who started formation there this year
  3. For more money!
  4. For energy for our hard-working staff team
  5. For Gale and Linda as they work on their PhD research
  6. For each of the churches and mission projects with whom our students work
  7. For those students working towards recognition as lay pastors and lay preachers




Thursday, 8 October 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for 11th October - Upper Eden BC

11th October 2015


NBA Prayer Relay – Upper Eden BC (Kirkby Stephen)



Give Thanks For:

  • The resumption of our regular outreach activities, including a well-attended Ladies Night, Coffee Drop In, Holiday Club Extra and our new venture "The Sunday Service" based upon our old family services, all designed to help our community "get through life".

  • The unity of the church and dedication of church members has been lovely to see, including several new members, who all get stuck into church life and have a desire to see the Gospel spread in our community.

  • God has continually met our needs, providing resources and money in order for us to continue to try and reach our community. We are very grateful for this.


    Please Pray For:

  • Our "Away day at home" on October 24th, where we intend to outline the vision and direction the church for the coming year and longer term. There are many possibilities and we feel the church has a "spark" at the moment, we want the Spirit to fan it into a flame. We're excited and expectant, ready to see what God has in store for us.

  • We have had a number of deaths and illnesses, related to our congregation recently. We are praying and getting alongside those who are hurting and mourning at the moment. 

  • That we can continue to be a light that shines brightly on the hill in Kirkby Stephen.