Thursday, 8 October 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for 11th October - Upper Eden BC

11th October 2015


NBA Prayer Relay – Upper Eden BC (Kirkby Stephen)



Give Thanks For:

  • The resumption of our regular outreach activities, including a well-attended Ladies Night, Coffee Drop In, Holiday Club Extra and our new venture "The Sunday Service" based upon our old family services, all designed to help our community "get through life".

  • The unity of the church and dedication of church members has been lovely to see, including several new members, who all get stuck into church life and have a desire to see the Gospel spread in our community.

  • God has continually met our needs, providing resources and money in order for us to continue to try and reach our community. We are very grateful for this.


    Please Pray For:

  • Our "Away day at home" on October 24th, where we intend to outline the vision and direction the church for the coming year and longer term. There are many possibilities and we feel the church has a "spark" at the moment, we want the Spirit to fan it into a flame. We're excited and expectant, ready to see what God has in store for us.

  • We have had a number of deaths and illnesses, related to our congregation recently. We are praying and getting alongside those who are hurting and mourning at the moment. 

  • That we can continue to be a light that shines brightly on the hill in Kirkby Stephen.

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