Wednesday, 21 October 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for October 25th - Enon BC

Give Thanks for:


  • The 12 signed up to the membership and Baptism course starting this Saturday, October 24th

  • The growing unity amongst churches in Sunderland, especially in prayer

  • A growing hunger to seek the Lord in prayer and worship within Enon Baptist Church


    Please pray for:


  • A deeper experience with God and his Spirit during our week of prayer

  • That those who are attending Alpha may finish the course and come to know the gospel of Jesus in a clear way

  • Pray for Paul Revill and Pete Jorysz as they lead the prophetic prayer workshop on Sunday 25th October and for Ian Coffey as he starts our day of fasting on November 1st.


    Please note that for the Prayer Relay, Enon are hosting a week of 24-7 prayer.  Visitors are warmly welcome and can sign up to have an hour in the prayer room at the church by visiting

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