Wednesday, 30 May 2018

NBA Prayers for 3rd June - Billingham BC

Thanks for our church:

Encouragement in the form of new people attending church services and our quarterly café church, as well as courses such as Christianity Explored.


Prayer for our church:

That we will be able to build on and develop our caring and journeying together, following our recent study on Paraclesis.


Thanks for our local community: 

We are grateful to provide a base for community services such as the probation service and for the links developing between churches and the local authority. 


Prayer for our local community:

For local families struggling with debt and family break up: that they may have practical support at their point of need.

Pastor: Rev Alistair Jones (and FB)

Monday, 7 May 2018

NBA Prayers for 27th May - Beacon Lough BC (Gateshead)

Thanks for our church:

We are grateful that, although we are a small, predominantly older congregation, because of the long-standing commitment from people, God works His grace among us to achieve things for Him.


Prayer for our church:

We need young people and families to be part of our church family.


Thanks for our local community:

We are grateful that 6 times a year we, along with other local churches, meet to Pray For Gateshead, the people, places and events in our town.


Prayer for our local community:

That we will be able to build on and further develop the connections we have made with local people.

Pastor: Rev Bob Adams,uk (and FB)

NBA Prayers for 20th May (Pentecost)

Pray for the events planned for this day as part of the 'Thy Kingdom Come' prayer initiative, especially the 'Beacon Event' with Dave Bilbrough leading worship at Durham Cathedral this evening - that Christians will be ignited with fresh power to be witnesses and non-Christians will be drawn to faith.


Pray for your church today, that the Holy Spirit will come with fresh power to equip you to live as disciples of Christ and to make disciples of others.


Almighty God, who on the day of Pentecost sent your Holy Spirit on the disciples with the wind from heaven and with tongues of flame, filling them with joy and boldness to preach the Gospel: send us out in the power of the same Spirit to witness to your truth and to draw everyone to the fire of your love, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.  

Provided by Rev Paul Revill (NBA Regional Minister, Mission Enabler) (and FB)

NBA Prayers for 13th May - Whitley Lodge BC (Whitley Bay)

Prayer and Thanks for our local Church - A number of our older members have died recently. Pray with us for their families and friends but, at the same time, feel heartened by their faithful lives and for the uplifting and beautiful thanksgiving services that celebrated them.


Prayer for community - local shop businesses, whose rents are too high, and are increasingly struggling to stay open.


Thanks for community – we would like to thank the Lord for our amazing coastline, for the cafés in the area, for the investment in the promenade, for the seals that are sighted near the light house and for the innocent pleasure of those enjoying the area.

Pastor: Rev Paul Richards (and FB)

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

NBA Prayers for Esh Winning BC (near Durham)



Faithful Ministry from visiting Preachers each Lord's Day and continued work and growth with our Young Peoples Group and Ladies Fellowship.


Community outreach work away from the church building with our Cream Teas in Library at School, Body & Soul at Communal Hall, Care Homes meetings at Durham & Brandon and the Foodbank each Thursday on Church premises.


For Prayer:


Young families and gifted leaders to join God's church here and develop the existing work.


Community – strength for our congregation and leadership to maintain a strong witness in our community, as we are all an ageing people.