Wednesday, 28 August 2019

NBA Prayers for the school year

  • Give thanks for all those students who have been successful in the recent examinations.
  • Give thanks for the Government's announcement of investment in our schools.
  • Give thanks for our young people and the positive attitude many have maintained through challenging circumstances.

  • Please pray for those students that were disappointed in their examination results.
  • Please pray for educational staff as they face the challenges of a new school year.
  • Please pray for students as they face the challenges of transitioning through the education system.
  • Please pray that positive relationships will be maintained between teachers and students.
  • Please pray that our Government will honour its commitment to invest in our educational establishments. 

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

NBA Prayers for Westgate Baptist Church 25th August 2019

We give thanks for

  • An encouraging and moving baptismal service when two young men shared how they had come to faith since arriving in Newcastle.
  • Our involvement in the community and especially the excellent attendance for MakeLunch over the summer supporting local families who would have school dinners.


Prayer for:

  • Our ongoing need for a Senior Pastor
  • For health and strength for Pastor Shelagh and the leaders carrying a heavy load
  • Wisdom and guidance for upcoming elections for new deacons.


Pauline Davidson

Church Administrator

Westgate Baptist Church

Monday, 12 August 2019

NBA Prayers 18th August 2019

Give thanks for the ongoing life of our church and its ministry.
Give thanks for our two homegoups and the support they offer
Give thanks for our '42' group which hosts active debates on world issues

Pray for
Our pastor, that God will strengthen him and provide wisdom to face the coming challenges.
Our members as they seek to reflect the heart of Christ in the local community
The ministry team as it seeks to build up the local body of believers.
Pastor: Rev Paul Richards
Website: (and on Facebook)

Tuesday, 6 August 2019

NBA prayers 11th August 2019


  • Give thanks that the dam at Whaley Bridge has held.
  • Give thanks for all those who have rallied round to provide support and comfort to those affected by the recent heavy rains and flooding.
  • Give thanks for the leadership of both the Northern Baptist Association (NBA) and our local churches. 
Prayer Needs

Please pray for:

  • Those whose lives have been disrupted by the recent floods.
  • Those injured in recent US mass shootings and the families of those bereaved.
  • The continued recovery of the 6 year old boy, who is reported to have thrown from the Tate Modern
  • The leadership of the NBA and our local church leadership, that God will give them renewed strength and wisdom in the coming days.