Wednesday, 9 September 2015

NBA Prayer Relay - 13th September (Esh Winning BC)



1. Revival in Esh Winning, including Restoration of those who once "walked well" but have now grown cold.

2. Fruit from the labour in our Children's and Young People's Clubs and our Ladies Fellowship - where we have many "unchurched" attending.

3. Response to our continuing Outreach work, involving Cream Teas, Ministry at two local Care Homes and delivery of Harvest Baskets to elderly of our village.




1. Faithfulness of Members and Fellowship in their Giving to the Church and to Missions.

2. Completion of the very expensive Asbestos Removal from the Basement Area and complete replacement of Financial Loss.

3. Visiting Preachers and our own "Lay Preachers" who, each week, sustain the ministry of God's Word here.

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