Sunday, 30 August 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for 6th September - Gt Asby Baptist Church

Please pray for:

1.    1.  successful mission initiative in our small village during and after the NBA Prayer Baton Relay, which begins on 6 September.
2.     The growth of our Sunday School, with more young people coming to know Jesus.
3.     God to give us fresh revelation, wisdom and discernment when planning for the future of our church.


We give thanks for:

1.     The continuing commitment of our members and visiting preachers, as they work for the glory of God.
2.     The opportunities God is giving us to network with others, both in and out of our community, in building His kingdom.
3.     The generosity and foresight of those who are helping us to sustain and develop our ministry and church.

Lay Pastor: Donald Marston

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