Wednesday, 5 August 2015

NBA Prayers for 9th August - Simonside Baptist Church @ The Scotch Estate

We are plodding along at Simonside. One of the problems we had was our name. We are not at Simonside but are based on the Scotch Estate; so we have changed the name to Simonside Baptist Church @ the Scotch Estate.


The Fun Club is also plodding along, with 3 boys and their father who were on our original membership roll and two newer members, a girl and a boy. In our small hall, five is enough but we could accommodate one or two more.


We are holding a special church meeting on Sunday 16th August. We see it as a make or break time. Having prayed long and hard, asking God for guidance, we believe He has answered our prayers. We need to get out again and this time attempt to cover more of the estate. This time we are not looking for children, but for adults to come along and join us.


People will tell you that, although the church is unattractive outside, inside it is warm and comfortable. It is what lies beneath the surface that matters!


Please pray for us and for Reuben, our Minister, recovering from a cataract operation (his second) earlier this week.

Minister: Rev Reuben Horsley

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