Wednesday, 31 January 2018

NBA Prayers for 4th February - Westgate BC (Newcastle)

Please pray for wisdom, discernment and patience for us as we begin the search for a new Senior Pastor and that God will hold the church family in a unity of heart and mind and purpose as we continue to worship and serve him in the meantime.


Please pray for all the final arrangements to be completed so that we can begin our new ministry of housing destitute asylum seekers. Pray for a good working relationship between the church and Action Housing, who are advising and helping us. Give thanks for the generosity of all those making this possible.


Please pray for our new ministry, "Make Lunch", that it will grow and meet the needs of local children and their families. Give thanks for the team and especially pray for Margaret as she heads up this ministry.

Assistant Pastor: Shelagh Garry (and FB)

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