Sunday, 7 June 2015

NBA Prayers for 21st June - Thornaby BC

Give Thanks

For our privilege to be engaged in mission and ministry in our local community: through our food bank, schools work, and various other activities based in the church and community.

For our Intern, Ben, who has been a gift from God to us and has served the people of Thornaby with real faithfulness - making a difference in Jesus' name.

For Home Mission support, which has enabled us to support our Minister in Training for the past 3 years (Alan will be Ordained on Saturday 11th July, 2pm at Stockton Baptist Tabernacle, all are welcome)  


Please Pray

For the church's ongoing mission and ministry through these changing times as both our Pastor and our Intern move on during the Summer.

For those who are grieving having lost loved ones.

That people may see that we are Jesus' disciples by the way we love Him and one another.

Pastor: Alan Brand

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