Sunday, 7 June 2015

NBA Prayers for 298th June - Blackhill BC (near Consett)

Give thanks

·         for the 31 young people who recently went on the 'weekend away' with the Youth Café leaders, Gary, our minister, and his wile Val.

·         for the families who come along to our monthly 'Messy Church'

·         for the youngsters who come to our weekly children's outreach 'Trailblazers'


Pray for

·         The leaders and workers in the 'Youth Café', Messy Church and Trailblazers.

·         For many of our members who have health problems at present

·         Those who have recently joined our morning congregation, especially those who are wanting to become more involved and the gentleman who has requested to be baptised.

Pastor: Rev Gary Collier


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