Wednesday, 18 November 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for Week from 22nd November - Ushaw Moor BC (near Durham)

Items for praise:

  • Give thanks for our minister in training, David Etherington, who joined us in September.
  • Continue to thank God for the commitment and work with other Christians in the village and praise God for the things he is teaching us as we work together.
  •  Praise God for raising our horizons through our regular Wednesday morning prayer time.

Items for prayer:

  • Pray for Holy Spirit intervention as Paul Revill ministers to us on 22nd, at the launch of our week of prayer and the receiving of the 'baton'!
  • Pray that the 11 prayer stations will be challenging, encouraging and thought provoking as people grapple with the different aspects and pray that God will meet with them at their level.Pray for the teachers and a group of children from the local primary school who will attend on Thursday afternoon.
Minister in Training: David Etherington

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