Wednesday, 11 November 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for week from 15th November - Durham City BC

Give thanks for:

·         The commitment of willing people who work together to bring God's love to the local community.

·         The number of children and young people who attend our groups each week and for the contact we have with their families.


Pray for:

·         The events planned for the week leading up to our anniversary:

Sunday 15th:           Morning  -   Paul Revill will take our service,   

                              Afternoon  - prayer with communion and fellowship tea,

Wednesday:            Members/congregational meeting

Thursday:               Girls' Brigade are hosting a prayer event to which we will invite other Churches.

Saturday/Sunday is our anniversary

Saturday 21st:         An evening entertainment and light refreshments with Lina Toth,

Sunday 22nd:          Morning service led by Lina Toth followed by lunch.

Invitations are extended to other churches for both of these occasions.

·         All groups that meet this week ('Heroes' for primary school children, Craft Group, Girls' Brigade) will be visited by our minister (Ronnie) and/or available deacons who will pass the prayer baton on, recognising that all our ministries seek to be missional.


Pray for:

·         The mission group that meets to pray and seek God's guidance concerning the church's mission.

·         Ronnie and the deacons that they will seek to keep mission central to the life of the church.

·         A greater realisation that God has called us to be involved in mission wherever he has placed us in the world.

·         All those who come into contact with the church that they might come into faith.

Minister: Rev Ronnie Wynd


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