Wednesday, 25 November 2015

NBA Prayer Relay for 29th November - Owton Manor BC (Hartlepool)

1)   Bright Sparks is our 5 to 11 children's work has rapidly grown to 46 for our Thursday evening meeting. This altered the dynamics, content and leadership requirement with too many children with insufficient to do, becoming unwieldy and potentially dangerous. Also, because of known absences coming up in Nov we thought it best suspended meetings and regroup our strategy and staff for January. At this stage our strategy is developing on course to re-open Jan 2016 where we look for the Lord's wisdom and blessing on the children.


2)   Because of the retirement of two leaders after many years of faithful service in many departments of the church, we need others to take over and nominations in for January for our AGM. As with many other churches this is not automatic in a mainly elderly congregation. Wisdom, motivation and new blood are required.


3)   The Baptist churches in Hartlepool have  gradually and deliberately worked closer together in recent years as a denomination, and so to with Churches Together in the town: FOODBANK, Street Pastors, Breakfast Club, Debt Counselling, Lent Courses, Week of Prayer for Unity, Pentecost Day of Prayer, Advent etc. We need this work to have deep roots and healthy growth to produce spiritual and practical wellbeing across Hartlepool.


West View for prayer:

·         We are thankful for being able to go ahead with our building refurbishment over the last few months. Pray for speedy completion of final bits and for additional work planned for the new year.

·         We are 60 years old! (last week actually) and are hoping to do some things during 2016 that might mark that in some way. Pray for ideas and opportunities.


And from Oxford Road:

·         We would appreciate prayer for a Christianity Explored course we intend to run early next year.

·         Protection for the leadership and the congregation as a number have faced some big challenges in the last few months the consequences of which will carry over into 2016

·         We have enjoyed working with a number of the other churches in Hartlepool and appreciated the fellowship and friendship shared among the leaders. Pray that this might continue to flourish in 2016.

Pastor: Rev Maurice Mathison


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