Wednesday, 22 July 2015

NBA Prayers for 26th July - Stocksfield BC (Tyne Valley)

We give thanks for the appointment of our new Minister, Pete Jorysz, who will be joining us in September, after a lengthy but smooth appointments process which saw the church come together in a really united and prayerful way. During this period we were all encouraged as different people stepped up to fill the roles normally undertaken by a minister.


We praise God for the renovation work which has taken place in the church building during this period and we are now enjoying the benefits of a lovely refurbished hall, new boiler and heating system and splendid new toilets!


We pray for Pete and his wife Steph as they move to a new part of the country and pray that they will quickly settle into their new home and God will richly bless them in their new jobs.


We ask prayer for healing for the daughter of our Church Secretary, recently diagnosed with breast cancer.


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