Thursday, 23 May 2013

NBA Prayers for 26th May - Grange Road BC, Darlington

26th May 2013
Grange Road Baptist Church (Darlington)

A year into an interregnum, give thanks for:the much valued support throughout from the NBA: from John Claydon as Team Leader, from John again and from Ray Richardson leading worship on a number of occasions, from John Singleton as our first Moderator and from the many, many churches who have expressed their loving concern for us;Rodney Breckon as our Moderator, but more like a Minister, instilling a sense of expectancy, hope and purpose. He is such a wonderful guy and we love him!those people who have started worshipping with us regularly during the past year.

Please pray:for God's continuing mission for us with the homeless and others at the fringes of our local, Darlington community of people;that our soon to be launched website will be an effective mission tool;that the autumn Alpha or Purpose Driven Life Course (we haven't decided which yet), aimed primarily at our existing congregation, will bring us all closer to Christ.

Moderator: Rev Rodney Breckon

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