Monday, 7 October 2013

NBA Prayers for 13th October

Give thanks for:
God's faithfulness – especially as we have celebrated it in Harvest services.
The opportunities we have to work together and encourage one another.
The encouraging giving of our churches to support God's work through Home Mission.
The good opportunities that opened up for Darrel and Faith Grice (from Texas) as they ministered in Lithuania as a further expression of our link with Baptists in that country.

Pray for:
The Association's Assembly 'Hope in the Word' on 19th October at Bethany Christian Centre with Lina Andronoviene.
Those who returned to our churches through Back to Church Sunday / The Big Welcome.
New ministers coming into the area: Simon Burin to Enon in Sunderland and Glen Cormack to New Life in Northallerton.
Those serving in the Association Team – especially a newly appointed Regional Minister (hopefully to be announced soon) and Elaine Joy, a P.A to support John.

supplied by Rev John Claydon (Regional Minister, Team Leader & Pastoral)

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