Wednesday, 29 January 2014

NBA Prayers for 2nd February - West View BC (Hartlepool)

We give thanks...

· We have continued to see some growth and are encouraged as we have welcomed new families amongst us over the past couple of years.

· We have had some good times this year as we have sought to branch out a little, planning a number of bridge-building/social type events. We held an International Meal which was attended by nearly 200 people, largely from the local asylum seeker community in Hartlepool.

· We are really blessed by numbers of children and young people who attend on Sundays which is now proving challenging to accommodate.

Please pray...

· The building is creaking a little and is long overdue for some repairs. We are in the process of specifying some refurbishment and improvements that will better provide for the church's ministry.

· We share ministry in this unique area of West View with the local Catholic and Anglican churches. We meet monthly to pray together and feel challenged to find ways of working and worshipping together more closely.

· We have a number of events planned for the year including our now regular Holiday at Home and Children's Holiday Club.

· We are also looking for some inspiration from the life of St Hilda (of Hartlepool as well as Whitby!), since 2014 marks 1400 years since her birth. Our motto for the year is from Acts 26:18, "I am sending you to open their eyes so that they turn from darkness to light..."

Minister: Rev Tim Hyde


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