Wednesday, 19 February 2014

NBA Prayers for 23rd February - Stockton Baptist Tabernacle

Give thanks for the growth of the monthly Sunday morning youth church which "our" small number of teenagers run for themselves, along with those from two or three other churches (including Norton Baptist Church). Please pray that this would continue to grow and strengthen the young people's desire and ability to minister in their own right.

Please pray for our evening service - we thank the Lord that we've still got an evening service and that we've seen growth in our morning worship numbers in the last few months, but with a large auditorium a small evening service feels a bit flat. We're wondering what changes of style we might make to make it 'easier' to know the Lord's presence.

Our children's worker is taking maternity leave soon - please pray for the ministry gap we will have to fill.

Please continue to pray for more musicians to step forward.

As a town centre church with members living all over the area we struggle to know what our mission is. Given that the Billy Graham era is well and truly over, please pray that we would all take personal outreach seriously and see our friends and neighbours saved.

Senior Pastor: Rev Andrew Waugh


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