Wednesday, 9 April 2014

NBA Prayers for 13th April - Simonside BMC (Jarrow)

We at Simonside are but a few in number: Bob our Deacon says over the many years that he and Dorothy have been at Simonside the numbers have gone up and down but never been great. So, please give prayers for a breakthrough on the Scottish Estate. This Estate is predominately Roman Catholic and it is a hard ground to plough. The Church is splendid inside and a pleasure to worship in. Every meeting ends with a meal which is shared together as the early church did. We are never at a loss for preachers to return; they all say they love the warmth of the fellowship.


We have a Thursday Fun Club, it’s a joy to see the children each Thursday after school. Again they are given a cooked meal. Andy is a trained chef and we are lucky to have him with us. Again the numbers go up and down; because of space the ideal number would be 12 - this is because we lack space in the Hall. Three boys from one family and several girls who are a bit older join us every week. Bob is the optimist and I am by nature, a pessimist, so regardless of numbers Bob says everything is fine – so not to worry.


We need a breakthrough, perhaps by the young ones bringing their parents along. July 19th is the day we have in mind to get the children and parents together. We have arranged for a young lady who teaches “Zumba” and does face painting and nail decoration to come along. We have asked “Rainbow Reg” to come and do a magic show (with a Christian slant). The children have seen him at least twice and adore him.


So we plead for prayers, prayer that is constant, with pleadings from the heart. Prayer, that never ceases.

Minister: Rev J Reuben Horsley

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