Wednesday, 1 April 2015

NBA Prayers for Easter Day

Praise and thanks


·         Give thanks for the wonderful sacrificial love of God and rejoice in the good news of Christ's resurrection.

·         Give thanks for the commitment to mission in our churches, for signs of growth and life in so many places - for example in the beginnings of a new movement of missional pioneers emerging across our region.

·         Praise God for the new shoots that are coming through and those who are dedicated to nurturing and caring for them.




·         In this season of celebrating the resurrection of Christ, may God's Spirit enable resurrection of churches which have died, or revival of those in decline, and for guidance and provision of people and funds to enable new churches to be planted across our region.

·         Pray for churches who have people in key areas moving on to new situations.

·         Pray for Linda Hopkins as she begins her sabbatical, that she may have a restful and refreshing and fruitful time.

·         Pray for the preparations for our Association Assembly at Stockton Tabernacle on 25th April with Rt. Rev. Paul Butler, Bishop of Durham.

Prayers supplied by £the NBA Team"


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