Wednesday, 20 January 2016

NBA Prayer Relay for the week from 24th January - Whitley Lodge BC (Whitley Bay)


1. For our 'interim moderator' / anchor man Graham White.

2. For a great, in depth 'winter bible school' from Reg, on the subject of 'the Lamb'

3. The school where we meet are happy for us to install a loop system.



1. For the right pastor/pastoral team and for the needs of the church to be met while we look.

2. For the children's work 'Good News Club' and for 'light bite and banter'.

3. Our verse for the year is about forgetting the former things and the promise that God will do something new. So please pray that we'll embrace whatever it is that the Lord has for us.

Interim Moderator: Rev Graham White

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