Tuesday, 22 March 2016

NBA Prayers for Easter

Give thanks for:

The joy and wonder of Christ's resurrection and the opportunities to celebrate His great love and power.

The many churches engaging in mission over Easter, bringing the Good News of the Easter message out of their church buildings and into the public sphere.

The many refugees who are finding faith amongst us and being baptised.


Please pray for:

The forthcoming focus on evangelism, 'Forty Days of Good News', that God will open up opportunities for us to share faith across the region and see people responding to the Gospel.

The Association Assembly on 23rd April and Roy Searle who will be speaker for the day and others who will share in leading seminars.

The response of our nation and other countries to those who are seeking to escape countries where they face conflict, oppression and persecution.

Our country as we debate and then vote on membership of the European Union.

NBA Regional Ministers: Revd Dr John Claydon and Rev Paul Revill
Website: www.thenba.org.uk

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