Wednesday, 13 April 2016

NBA Prayer Relay for Sunday 17th April - Grange Road BC (Darlington)

We praise God for the growth of GRBC, both spiritually and numerically and for the sacrificial giving which enabled the worship area to be refurbished in 2015


Please pray for:

·         Memory Lane Teas - a series of outreach events for older people, making use of our new, multi‑purpose worship area

·         Pathways - GRBC has a long history of demonstrating God's love through the work of "The Basement', offering soup, a chat and, most importantly, acceptance. Starting this past week, Pathways is available to those people using The Basement who wish to learn more about Christianity

·         Faith Pictures - a six session course designed by the Church Army and delivered by our LifeGroups, starting this coming week, to equip the church for sharing faith in a simple, natural way

·         the grace and Spirit's power so that GRBC will bring the Good News of Christ to the people of Darlington, welcome new believers and transform lives

Pastor: Revd Rodney Breckon
Website: (and on Facebook)

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