Wednesday, 4 May 2016

NBA Prayer Relay for week from 8th May - Berwick Hills BC (Middlesbrough)

This year is the 60th Anniversary of the church moving from North Ormesby to Berwick Hills, to worship in a new building as the housing estate was being built.  The Mission had been founded in North Ormesby in the 1880's but, with the redevelopment of the area, the church relocated with a Sunday School already meeting in a local home and with services taking place in the local primary school.




60th Anniversary celebrations and the opportunities they can bring. 


Planning of special events, including the barbecue on 25 June and the Anniversary later in the year. 


A special meeting on the 11 May for the whole fellowship to pray and seek guidance for the future in light of changes that will occur during the next few years. 





The Eggstavaganza event at Easter and the large number of parents and children who attended. 


The continuing work of the Parents and Toddler group.


For the church team running Food Bank from our building, which is a distribution point in a key area of need -  and pray for the many people who have been supported.


For the opportunities to be involved with local schools. 


For the continual financial support that has enabled us, as a small church, to be self-sufficient since 2000.

Minister: Revd Alan Reed

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