Wednesday, 20 July 2016

NBA Prayers for 24th July - Easington Lane IMC

Pray for:


A number of our members who are suffering from ill health and are unable to attend.


Our outreach to the local community and for the groups which a number of our fellowship attend and hold positions of office in those organisations.


We have held a meeting, with a free meal and an after-dinner address, for our members and a non-church friend invited by each member. Pray that we may see some of these people seeking further interest in attending services and otherwise involving themselves with us.


Pray for Future events reaching out to the community


Our August Holiday Club, with an Olympics theme, for local kids


Following a recent Quiz Night, in September we are planning a number of events (including a Vintage Afternoon Tea) to encourage local people to join us on an ongoing basis

Ministers: Syd Grey, Mary Grey. Jan Merton

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