Wednesday, 9 November 2016

NBA Prayer Relay for week from 13th November - Kingston Park LEP (Newcastle)


For thanksgiving:
·         our excellent and flexible modern building, whose 25th anniversary we celebrate in November
·         good contacts with people and groups in the local community, many of whom enter/use our building for non-church activities
·         the spiritual gifts of many in the congregation, put to good use in the service of the Lord and his church


For intercession:
·         the work of Hannah Middleton, our church's part-time Children's Worker, as she seeks to build up the work with children and young families
·         our outreach to youth and younger families locally, most of whom have no time for or thought of Christian matters
·         our growth to maturity in Christ
·         the appointment of a new churchwarden in April

Minister: Rev Roger Wells (and FB)

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