Wednesday, 11 January 2017

NBA Prayers for 15th January - Owton Manor BC (Hartlepool)

Looking back to 2016, with thanks:

First: an excellent weekend of celebrations for the churches 60th anniversary in October, with Dr Steve Brady.
Second: The four Baptist Churches in Hartlepool had a really good Christmas Meal and Family Outreach, with John Archer, at the beginning of December.

Praise God with us for what has been.

Looking forward prayerfully to 2017: 
First, we need to do an unexpected major repair to the church roof.
Second: The leaders of the four Baptist Churches in the town have a meeting at the end of January, with John Claydon, to discuss how we might continue to work together in the town to support each church in ministry and mission.

Pray with us for the future, in God's hands.

Minister: Rev Maurice Mathison

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