Monday, 10 April 2017

NBA Prayers for Easter (16th April)



Let's give thanks...
·         For this special time of year as we focus on the greatest turning-point in human history, the basis of our hope and faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus.
·         For all that God has achieved for us at his own cost through sending his beloved Son into this world for us to be our sacrifice.
·         For opportunities to proclaim the Good News that Jesus is alive, death has been conquered and evil decisively defeated through what happened on that first Easter Sunday.  As this is often a time when new Christians are baptised, give thanks and pray for any whom you know who are committing their lives to God through baptism today, and for the witness of this act.


Let us pray...
·         As we begin the 'Fifty Days of Good News' period that every one of our NBA churches will find ways of engaging in evangelism over the coming weeks.
·         That God will grow in us a greater confidence to share the Good News in word and deed and give us a renewed excitement over the Gospel.
·         For all of our churches, but especially those which find it hard to engage in sharing their faith beyond their own membership, to have the boldness in their evangelism to be creative in fresh ways, to take greater risks, to get out of their buildings and into their communities, and to draw upon more of the power of the Holy Spirit.


Can I take this opportunity to wish every one of our churches a most blessed Easter, and to encourage you to be intentional in engaging in some form of evangelism over the coming fifty days... and beyond! (and on FB and YT)

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