Wednesday, 22 November 2017

NBA Prayers for 26th November - Westoe Road BC (South Shields)

  • We ask that the NBA support us in our prayers for Westoe Road Baptist Church.
  • We thank God for our Pastor Julie and pray that God will bless her in her ministry
  • We thank God for our Church family and especially remember those that can no longer attend. We pray for God's blessing for them and the Pastoral Team who faithfully visit each week
  • We thank God for the many children who attend each week, Whizz Kids, Brownies, Boys Brigade, Anchor Boys, Kingdom Comp and Kingdom Kids. We pray for their leaders and families and ask God to bless them especially this Christmas.
  • We thank God for the opportunity to look forward to celebrating our 200th Anniversary in 2018. We ask for God's blessing for the Planning Team and all those who will take part in the celebrations.
Pastor: Rev Julie Price
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