Wednesday, 20 June 2018

NBA Prayers for 24th June - North Shields Baptist Church

Thanks for our church:
For the new Youth Group 'Quaddg', which has been running since last September for 10 - 16's in conjunction with North Shields Evangelical Church. Also for the new Explorers class for 10 - 16's. 

Prayer for our church:
For Nite Bite and New to the UK groups which meet weekly and for provision for food and household goods. Pray for the volunteers who faithfully run these groups. 

Thanks for our local community:
As we have opportunities for activities in the local shopping centre and direct connection with the folk of North Shields. 

Prayer for our local community:
That more folk will hear about God's love for them and experience His love in a very natural and practical way. For our Churches Together in North Shields five year vision, that we will be led and directed by God over the coming months.

Minister: Rev Liz Edwards (and FB)

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