Wednesday, 24 October 2018

NBA Prayers for 28th October - The Filipiono International Church

We thank the Lord for the TFIC and for full support on our latest activities and programs for this month. These were the October Praise 2018 (held at Westgate Baptist Church), the Life Goals 2nd Session of the Young Professionals (at Cowgate Golf Club) and the coming Youth Camp on Oct 29-Nov. 1, 2018. They had made sacrifices for these events.


Please help us in our prayer for a building as our permanent place of worship, where we could freely worship without any complaints from neighbours about drums and other musical instruments. We are eyeing the newly closed church in Wallsend, but the process would take time and how to purchase it is another thing.


We thank the Lord for Wallsend Baptist Church, for accommodating us in their place and extended our contract for another 3 months, though there are some complaints from neighbours. 


We do pray for our neighbours to have patience and understanding of the freedom of worship in this country and may we maintain the good relationship with them and understand them as Christians and followers of Christ.

Minister: Rev Virgilio Pansacala

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