Wednesday, 28 November 2018

NBA Prayers for 2nd December (Advent)

At this time of year, as we focus on God's promises, the hope he gives us through the coming of Christ and the need to be prepared for his coming, please pray...


1. That all of our churches will be used well by God to share the hope we have in Christ, both in the events, services and activities we organise together and in our individual witness amongst those in our families, work colleagues and circles of friends.


2. For Jesus to come amongst us afresh in greater presence and power and work through us to bring transformation in our communities.  May we see more of the coming of God's Kingdom in this Advent season.


3. In an age when so much of our national life and culture has become secularised and materialistic, pray that as Christians we are able to live counter-culturally, not to get caught up in the stresses and pressures of the season; to use the money God has given us in his service to help those in genuine need and for us to make a difference to the vulnerable, lonely, isolated and needy in our communities.

Regional Ministers: John Claydon and Paul Revill (and FB & Twitter)
Prayers provided by Paul Revill

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